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An Interview with a Local Police Officer

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Source: Fig:Interview of a Police Officer
Fig:Interview of a Police Officer

An assignment was given to some students of grade eight of interviewing a local Police Officer for their school booklet. They asked a local police officer to help them with their assignments. He welcomed all five students, with juices and snacks. The kind police officer was happy and ready to answer their questions.

Bimala: Would you mind telling us about your childhood and elementary education?

Police Officer: For sure, My childhood was genuinely common and cheerful. My parents were shopkeepers, they had their own beverage shop. So they spent more time with me. They always gave me a priority and sent me to well-known school.

Sulav: How was your school life at the elementary level?

Police Officer: We have never sensed bored in the school because there were art classes as well as music and dance classes four times and library classes three times a week. Teachers were friendly and helpful yet strict too. Many sports materials and programs always made us enthusiastic.

Sudip: Were you engrossed in any program?

Police Officer: Well, I was interested in volunteering in our club, which was organized for maintaining the school.

Sharmila: Please mention us how you concerned about being a police officer?

Police Officer:I had no idea or any ambition of being a police officer until my secondary level. When I joined the management stream in high school, my interest in police constantly began to increase. At that time I saw the country needed security and its peace which only an officer could maintain.

Niraj: Could you tell us about your duty?

Police Officer: As a police officer, our duty is to provide safety and keep everything within the law. We do patrol and watch almost all areas to contribute protection for everyone. We are controlling violence, helping people and maintaining great environments in our society.

Deepika:Thank you for providing us such a great society. What are the most necessary requirements to be a police officer?

Police Officer:Many things required. Such as Hard-work, tactfulness, perseverance, physically healthy and mentally intensive.

Sunil:Do you have any idea of the relation between education and service?

Police Officer:Certainly yes. Education teaches us to do everything, easily and accurately. It makes you constructive. Without proper education, you cannot meet the criteria for a police officer.

Anisha:If you had not been a police officer. What would you have done?

Police Officer:(smiles) I might have joined the army force.

Sunil: Finally, What would you like to tell the students like us?

Police Officer:Choose a field where you are happy to work hard. Also, give your full potential in your country which will make the country brighter and safer.

  • Childhood of police officer was normal and happy.
  • He studied in a reputed school and attended some programs.
  • Police Officer encouraged himself and joined the force after his high school.
  • He told students that education is indeed of everyone and is necessary. 

Questions and Answers

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To complete an assignment which was given to them from school they interview the police officer.

He liked to volunteer in a club, which was organized for maintaining the school.

The duty of a police officer is to provide safety and keep everything  within the law.

The primary requirements to be a police officer are, Hard work, tactfulness, perseverance, and physically mentally healthy.  

He might have joined the army force.

  • Local means:

    Of a particular place
    Related to home 
  • Synonym of sports is:

    Physically healthy
  • The meaning of constantly is:

    Of a particular place
    Not giving time
    All the time
  • The definition of engrossed is:

    Giving all your attention
    Doing duty
    Have full time
    To go inside of it
  • Elementary level is:

    First part of child education
    Secondary level
    Higher level
    Middle of education
  • Five students went to see the police officer. Is that true?

  • The parents of the police officer were also police officer, true?

  • The police officer's parents always gave him priority.

  • Hardwork. tactfulness, perseverance, physically and mentally healthy are necessary requirements to be an officer.

  • If he had not been a police officer, he might have joined army force.

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