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Identification of Kitchen and Its Equipments

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Introduction and Definition to Kitchen

It is a skilled food production team which prepares food items as per guest orders. kitchen employee prepares food acording to the menu of the hotel or a resturant. There are mostly two types of menu and according to that menu food items are prepared and they are;

  1. A`la carte ( It is a choice menu. In this menu foods item are prepared according to guest order)
  2. Table d`hote (It is a fixed menu. in this menu main courses and dishes are already presented and guest cannot order beyond that menu.)

A menu of any of these kinds is decided in advance and the production stars accordingly. to run a kitchen and stisfy the guest with the dishes the kitchen should have effictive and efficient utensils, good working environment, well skilled working people.

Now we give a modern definition to a kitchen; a kitchen is a well designed closed area with skillful chefs and all necessary equipment, tools and utensils liable for preparing food items as per guest orders followed by standard recipes.

Types of kitchen

Kitchen are also differentiated into varieties. In a big star hotel, one kitchen is not sufficient to serve a large amount of hotel. so in a hotel kitchen are divided into many types which help to provide good and better facilities to the guest and also it will be easy for the kitchen staffs to prepare food items and to provide services to the guest.

Following are few of the common types of kitchen practiced in most of the catering industries;

  • Conventional kitchen /main kitchen / central kitchen

It is a central kitchen of a hotel. it is the main kitchen where all the main foods are prepared. the final process that food which are prepared on other types of a kitchen of a hotel are also done in this kitchen.This type of kitchen in a hotel is located in such a way that it can provide its services to all other types pf kitchen in a hotel. it is said to be main or central kitchen because all types of kitchen depends upon this kitchen.

  • Satellite kitchen/ specialty kitchen

These are basically smaller kitchen than the main kitchen which is made to support those outlets where the main kitchen cannot provide services its services.but it depends on upon main kitchen fo necessary ingredients. But the final preparation is done in the main kitchen.

  • Fast food kitchen

Fast food kitchen is a hotel which is made to serve the fast food restaurants which are made in a star hotel. since this kitchen are established to provide services to fast food restaurants only fast foods are prepared in this food restaurants are those restaurants which have high turn over of guest nowadays as compared to other food means that food which are easy and fast to prepare.

  • Show kitchen

In this type of kitchen, the food is prepared in a full view of the customers. Hygiene, sanitation, and skilled work methods are required to draw guest attention.

  • Experimental kitchen

These are research and development based kitchen found in food manufacturers for study, conservation and improvement of products.

For a kitchen to run smoothly and provide good services to guest good and comfortable kitchen equipment and tools are very necessary.

Identification of Kitchen Equipments

A kitchen is a place where varieties of dishes are prepared and given the final touch to the food product. In order to prepare different kinds of dishes in more efficient and effective way, there are different types of dishes equipment, which are placed in a systematic manner and planned manner in order to suit the catering establishment to produce quality food on time.

Cooking equipment are very essential for any busy or large hotel or catering establishment for better service. These kitchen equipment are very expensive and must be taken care frequently after it's used, their care and maintenance are required time to time for a long term use. The initial section is important while purchasing the equipment. Before buying, selection of any particular equipment is very important to keep in mind. Such as the size and weight of equipment, capacity, maintenance, noise, spare parts quality of equipment, trademark, etc. the selection of equipment depends on upon the theme, size, a standard of organization. Kitchen equipment can be divided into four types:

Kitchen equipment can be divided into four categories

  1. Tools

They are easily movable and light weight items, which is used to carry out a special task in kitchen for example; soup ladle, chopping knife, paring knife, spatula, grater, whisk, etc

  1. Small equipment and utensils

They are larger and heavier than tools and are used to carried out for manual work. the example of small equipment and utensils are pots, pan, colander, conical strainer etc.

  1. Large equipment

Conduction and convection oven, hot air convection oven, cold and hot oven, microwave oven, induction cookers, halogen hob, steamers, boiling pans, deep fat fryers, pressure fryers, tilt pan, hot cupboards, bain-marie, grills and salamander, char grills, sinks, working tables, refrigerator, deep freezer, etc.

  1. Mechanical equipment

The are not easy to carry like small tools and equipment. they are all run through electricity. For example mixers, refrigerators etc.

There are some of the factors that should be considered while purchasing kitchen equipment;

  • Appearance

Equipment should look nice and fit in well with the overall design.

  • Durability

Equipment should be durable that could be used for a long time without difficulties.

  • Capacity

Equipment should efficiently cook the required quantities of food.

  • Easy

It should be easy for the kitchen staff to handle, control and use.

  • Attachment

Equipment should have an additional attachment to fit in it when needed.

  • Maintenance

It should be easy to clean and maintain.

  • Noise

It should have an acceptable noise level.

  • Spare parts

There should be extra parts to be easily obtained.

  • Weight

It should have floor support weight.

  • Construction

It should be safe, hygienic, efficient and heat resistance. It should not be accident-prone.

Equipment Designs, Fixing and Sitting

Equipment must be designed, constructed and finished in such a way that it can be cleaned and disinfected easily, safely, thoroughly without the need of skilled fitters or special tools. Food contact surface should be easy to clean, smooth and continuous without a break, cracks, open seams, chips or pitting.

It is extremely difficult to clean internal corners and crevices. Unless designed for cleaning in place, all food contact surface must be accessible for cleaning and inspection by the easy method of dismantling. Equipment should be moveable to facilitate its removal for cleaning that is caster mounted for breaks on all the wheels. To allow for cleaning for walls and floor surface, stationary equipment must have 5 to 6 centimeter gap from walls and 3 to 4 centimeter gap between the floor and underside of the equipment.


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  1. A`la carte is a choice menu. In this menu foods item are prepared accoding to guest order
  2. Table d`hote  is a fixed menu. in this menu main courses and dishes are already presented and guest cannot order beyond that menu.
  3. To run kitchen smoothly and provide good services to guest good and comfortable kitchen equipment and tools are very necessary.

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