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Introduction To Fish Farming

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Introduction to fish farming

fish farming means farming of fish either "endemic or exotic " in nature pound or human made pond fish farming is very much popular in Nepal, india, pankistan, bandaladesh, sir Lanka and is belived that about that about 2000 years ago chineses were the 1st to farming fish.
the avantage in Nepal is that they can breed in confined "water pounds" or "lakes" are very easily and fruitfully mirror and german or caps are best raised in tarai beacuase of temperature and nutrition are suitable for them. there are nine exotic cultivated fish in Nepal.

1 indian major carps – cyprinus carpio , catlas catlas, labea cirrhinus margala.
2 silver carp – hypothalmichthys molitries.
3 chinese or grass carp – ctenopharyndon idella.
4 bid headed carp artitichthyus nobilis.
name of the nepalies fish farming :-
1 godavris fish farming.
2 hetuads fish farming.
3 parwanipur fish faming.
4 balaju fish farming.
5 bhandara fish farming.
6 janakpur fish farming.

fig fishes types

Pond types required for fish farming

1 Segreation pond.
2 spawing ponds 3 nursery pond.
4 fingerling pond.
5 rearing pond.
6 stocking ponds.
precaution of fish ponds :-
1 pond should not be porous , optimum PH 7 to 8.
2 it should be well drained and aerated.
3 Acidic ponds are treated with the right dose of calcium carbonate powder.
4 Excessive weeds can be control by mechanism chemical or biological treat.
5 well manuring and throughout watching are necessary.

Summary about ponds

the selection of site and construction of the fish pond must be based on ,expert plan the selection of site should be the nearby source of water which may be strummed or river or artesian well or rain water.Availablity of cheap agricultural production to feed fish also needs to be considered "Transportation" facility is a important factor as, it is essential to bring the needed commodities to the pond or to market fish High water table shows no problem in retaining water in pond may or brick ponds both ,can be used for framing special care has to be taken for spreading about 6 ich of surfcae soil,along the top of the slope and also with bottom of the pond.

precuration of fish

1 health males and females are required for breeding.
2 isolation of pairs before spawning.
3 male and female kept at the ration 2 to 1 in spawing ponds.
4 full protection of freshly laid egg is necessary.

advantage of fish farming

1 supplies the necessary amount of proteins in the form of meat .
2 fish oil and code liver oil having high values.
3 unwanted weeds can be controlled for example in paddy cum fish culture.
4 helps to control harmful aquatic insect and larvae.
5 protection of fishes from extinction.
6 except releases by fish as good sources of manure.
7 maintenance of the blancing ecosystem in the pond and lake.
8 upgrade the economic condition of farmers.


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  1. health males and females are required for breeding

  2. isolation of pairs before spawing 
  3. health males and females are required for breeding 

  4.  isolation of pairs before spawing 

  5.  male and female kept at the ration 2 isto 1 in spawing ponds

  6.  full protection of freshly laid egg are necessary

  7.  supplies necessary amount of proteins in the form of meat 

  8.  fish oil and code liver oil having high values

  9.  unwanted weeds can be control for example in paddy cum fish culture 

  10.  helps to control harmful ayuetic insect and larvae


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