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Note on Management of Safe Home, Courtyard, Road and Play Ground

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Our home, courtyard, street, school and play ground should be managed safely. It is wrong to believe that well as managed construction and facilities always keep us away from accidents. All constructed buildings, roads, places, grounds, etc. may not be fully scientifically managed. If we can adopt safety measures while doing our work, we can save ourselves from possible accidents. We now discuss about the safety measures to be adopted at homes, roads, schools and playground.

Safety measures to be adopted at home

  • Keep the tools and weapons such as spade, axes, rope, stick umbrella, etc which may cause injuries or wounds in a safe and proper place.
  • Do not keep electric wires bare and use safety measures while fixing the electric wires.
  • Handle appliances like knives, sickles, and scissors, etc. with proper care.
  • Manage light at the places of ladders. Also make a railing on the ladder if possible.
  • Do not throw sharp appliances haphazardly in the courtyard. Take care while cleaning the posts of hot water.
  • Clean the toilet frequently and also manage light in it.
  • Keep inflammable appliances away from the kitchen or fire place.
  • Do not leave infants and children alone and do not keep any sharp appliances in the places where they play.
  • Fill unnecessary ditches and pits in your lawn or courtyard.
  • Poisons and medicines should be kept out of reach of children.
  • Do not tease dogs, cats or other animals.

Safety Measures on Road

Although we are living in an age when much of our travel from place to place is by some form of vehicle, there is still a great amount of travel on foot. Most of the fatal and non fatal accidents to pedestrians occur while they are crossing at intersections, walking in the roadway, coming from behind parked cars of bus, and playing in the street or roadway. Therefore look before you step in to the street. Accidents on the road can be prevented.
Being today to practice the safety rules listed below:
  • Traffic signals are for your guidance, so follow the traffic rules.
  • Never cross the street if the traffic signal is against you.
  • Do not talk diagonally across a street intersection.
  • Avoid coming from behind parked car or bus.
  • Never get on/ down while vehicle is in motion.
  • Never play in the street.
  • Cross the road at zebra crossing.
  • Pedestrian should walk on his side of the road facing traffic.
  • Pedestrian should walk on sidewalks.
  • Don't hurry while boarding on or alighting from a bus, and wait for your turn.

Safety Measures to be adopted at school

Nowadays, the rate of accident in schools is increasing day by day. The reason behind this may be a large number of students in school and their restless attitude, if we become aware and follow the safety measures strictly, we can reduce the number of such accidents.
The following are the safety that can be adopted at school:
  • Remove the materials that can cause accidents in the classroom.
  • Walk carefully if the floor of the classroom is slippery. Make the floor a bit rough.
  • Old and damaged ladders should be changed or repaired. If possible a railing should be put.
  • Steps stairs or ladders should be suited to one jump in one step rather than crossing many steps in one jump.
  • Old and damage desks and benches of the classroom should immediately be repaired.
  • Follow safely rules and discipline.
  • Doors and windows should be safely managed. It is good to put grills at windows.
  • Dustbins should be kept at different places of the schools to control the unnecessary throw of waste materials.
  • Defective sockets and worn out insulation wires should be timely repaired.

Safety Measures to be adopted at playground

Play is natural activity. Everyone wants to play. Educationists believed that play is essential for proper growth, development and physical fitness, and for that reason school and community should provide and manage the playground. But the ground must be safe and protected. Communities throughout the country would recognize the need of a safe play field. If you want playground to be a safe place, a little care and planning can be help to make your playground the way you want it to be.
The practice of safety rules in play ground are listed as follows:
  • Proper supervision of playground before the game is necessary.
  • Avoid the violation of play rules.
  • Use proper protective means according to the nature of the game.
  • Game must be played in recreational and co- operative spirit.
  • Make use of the nearest play ground or park.
  • Keep the drains covered.
  • Ground should be leveled and without pits.
  • Make sure that all the equipment's is in proper working condition.
  • Make sure that equipment's are sufficient according to the number of participants.
  • Keep the playground free of garbage, rubbish and broken glasses.

Despite all efforts, many accidents occur every day. Often these accidents happen in places where no doctor is readily available. In such cases, before the actual medical- aid can be rendered, something has to be done to the injured who has met with an accident, which helps to prevent the person from serious injury and possible loss of life.

  • Our home, courtyard, street, school and play ground should be managed safely.
  • Most of the fatal and non fatal accidents to pedestrians occur while they are crossing at intersections, walking in the roadway, coming from behind parked cars of bus, and playing in the street or roadway. 

Very Short Questions

The safety measures are needed everywhere. As house is the place of protection for all, everybody feels safe in house. However, houses are not free from danger. There are high chances of accidents. Therefore, the followings safety measures should be applied at home.

  • Keep the things in proper order.
  • Fire producing objects should be kept out of reach of children.
  • Ventilation in kitchen should be properly managed.
  • Open wire should be properly managed.
  • Ladder should not be slippery and kept in dark place.
  • Should keep the different medicines out of reach of children.

Generally, road is for facility there are many advantages of road, but due to carelessness accidents can occur and we may lose our lives. We can apply the followings measures to prevent ourselves from road accidents:

  • While crossing the road, we should use overhead bridge, subways and zebra crossing.
  • Should use footpath while walking.
  • Should follow the traffic rules while driving.
  • Should get up and get down carefully from vehicles.
  • Should avoid driving vehicles in high speed.
  • Avoid making noise or disturb the driver's attention.
  • Be aware with the condition of the road.

School is the place where many children with different nature gather together to gain the knowledge of different subjects matters. Due to their various character, they led themselves to different misbehave activities. Many of the accidents in schools are the cause of carelessness of the children. To prevent the accidents, following safety measures should be followed:

  • Should keep the materials at safe place that may cause accident in the classroom.
  • Should repair the old and broken ladders, desks, and benches.
  • Walk carefully, if the classroom is slippery.
  • The condition of window and doors should be good.
  • Keep the electric wire and devices safe.

  • Safety measures can

    prevent possible accidents
    maintain tradition
    prevent sickness
    cure diseases
  • One of the most important safety measures to be applied at home is to

    not using electrial appliances
    not to let children do anything
    keep inflammable appliances away fromkitchen and fire place
    not allowing anyone to enter the house
  • one of the most important safety measures to be applied at roads is to

    get on the vehicle, when on motion
    follow traffic signals
    make a conversation with someone while crossin the road
    play in the streets
  • One of the most important safety measures to be applied in school is

    follow safety rules and discipline
    play with sharp objects
    jumping in the stairs
    playing with sockets
  • In case of accident,

    make him suffer as a punishment
    medical-aid should be rendered
    shout at him for being careless
    ask someone to take him to hospital
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