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Note on Concept of Saftey Education

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Introduction to Safety Education

Life is like the most important game that is ever played. There are rules for playing it safely and well. If you follow the rules, you can reach your goal. A risky short cut may cut a life short. Walking across the tracks, swimming in unprotected pools, crossing the street unnecessarily instead of walking in the pavement, standing on a chair instead of a stepladder and trying to make electrical repairs without shutting off the current are dangerous short cuts. Each time you fail to follow the rules of safety, you may be taking a big risk with your life.

It is natural to have accidents in various phases of our life, but it can be prevented. Everyone will agree that it is better to take the time and try to prevent them than to spend much more time trying to cure the injury. Take time to be safe. Life is valuable, so safety is necessary. The term safety means taking precaution beforehand. It is aimed at avoiding accidents.

"Prevention is better than cure"is an old saying but still deep rooted. Safety education characterizes this saying. Safety education aims at preventing from accidents. You everybody hear some news about road mishap, somebody dying of electric shock and others. The main aim of safety education is to provide necessary warns and precautions so that the possible accidents would be prevented. Safety education is a series of instructions and warnings that provides awareness about possible harms and injuries with an objective of minimizing injuries and their fatal consequences. Safety education is the need of modern age. This is the guidance for our activities and protectors of our life.

In fact, safety education is the means and process of taking precautions to avoid the accident. We may say that the rules, means and methods adopted and followed for the safe living is called safety education.

Importance of Safety education

The safety educations have the following merits.
  1. It helps to provide safe and healthy living.
  2. It protects people from premature and unexpected death.
  3. It helps in longevity.
  4. It helps to create a civilized and progressive society.
  5. It helps to build healthy and successive personality.
  6. It helps to protect people from unnecessary expenses.
  7. It protects people from undue mental tension.

  • Education helps to provide safe and healthy living, protects people from premature and unexpected death, helps in longevity, helps to create a civilized and progressive society and helps to build healthy and successive personality.
  • Safety education aims at preventing from accidents.
  • Safety education is the means and process of taking precautions to avoid the accident. 

Very Short Questions

The heart of the victim stops beating due to different causes like accident, shocks, etc. If the victim is not breathing and heart is not pumping the blood, external chest compression should be given which is called cardiac message.
The following methods which can be adopted to give cardiac message to the patient are:

  • Should place the victim on firm surface with stomach flat.
  • The first aider should kneel down at right side of victim nearby his shoulder.
  • The first aider should overlap the left palm with the right palm and the fingers of both hands should be interlocked to another.
  • Then the gentle pressure should be given on the sternum for 10 to 15 times after 2 to 3 times mouth respiration. It should be continued till the victim heartbeat resume or the medical services arrives.

Safety education refers to the precaution while doing different works. As we know our life is danger in every step, therefore, safety education is always useful at anytime. It teaches us rules and regulations to keep us safe from danger. It is useful while walking on the road, playing games in the ground etc.
According to oxford dictionary, "Safety education is related to the protection from danger or not exposing risk and not leading harm or injury." Therefore, it is said that safety education is to have a margin or security against risk.
The importance of safety education are:

  • It helps to learn to adopt hygienic life style.
  • It helps to keep safe from different danger and risk.
  • It protects people from untimely death.
  • It helps to establish systematic society.

  • Accidents can be prevented by

    staying idle
    stop being so dumb
    applying safety measures
    making peace
  • Failing to follow safety rules

    may risk your life
    causes nothing
    leads you to jail
    makes you a better person
  • The term safety means

    tragic incident
    taking precautions beforehand
  • Safety education aims at

    passing exams
    preventing from accidents
    developing country
    waste of time
  • Safety education helps

    in counceling
    teachers to get employed
    to build healthy and succesive personality
    to maintain peace
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