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Note on Cosmetic Goods

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Today's people are in high competition in increasing artificial beauty, neglecting their own natural beauty. In the course of increasing their artificial beauty, they use chemicals and makeup. They use such things to show their better personality. In fact, they are decreasing their natural beauty and finally it leads to spoiling their health.

Cosmetics are the substances used to enhance or protect the appearance of an odor of the human body. Cosmetic include skin care creams, lotions, powders, perfumes, lipsticks and many other types of products. A subset of cosmetics is called makeup, which refers primarily to colored products intended to alter the user's appearance.

The following are the major types of cosmetics:

  1. Makeup: It includes lipstick, lip gloss, lip liner and the foundation used to color the face and conceal flaws to produce an impression of health and youth.
  2. Liquid, cream or powder: It includes materials used to set the foundation and blush or blusher, used to color the cheeks and emphasize the cheekbones.
  3. Cream and gel forms: It includes bronzer, mascara, eyeliner, eyebrow, eye pencil, nail polish, etc. The producers of the cosmetic goods claim that their products easily remove their ugly factors and increase their beauty. Ignorant consumers easily believe such fake advertisements and use them. Different media are also involved in conveying advertisements to the consumers. Frequent and irrational use of such goods may lead to deterioration of the natural beauty of the users. In the cost of increasing artificial beauty, people use different creams, sun block, and moistening lotion, skin revealing cream and jellies and other cosmetics goods. Similarly, they use powders and hair creams. Sometimes people use different devices, equipment and chemicals to reduce their weight. But it is experimentally verified that they are not efficient as their claim. Therefore, to increase the beauty and maintain sound health, we should have good health habits and hygienic behavior. If we do not follow the health rules and run after artificial chemicals and equipment, we definitely lose our health and wealth.

Effects of Harmful Cosmetic Goods on Health

Nowadays, many people are in a competition of beautifying their body by the use of artificial means. They are forgetting their natural beauty. They use various kinds of cream, powder, oil, ointment, medicine, etc. to be more attractive and to boost up their personality. But these artificial things are not suitable to the people due to various reasons. Sometimes, pencil heel shoes cause accidents because our roads and paths are not smooth. Cream, ointment, oil, etc. may shape people ugly. Thus, one should not be unnecessarily attracted by advertisement of the things.

Our skin becomes beautiful if the blood circulation in our skin is good. Thus, we cannot make our skin good- looking by simply ignoring blood circulation and using cream and powder only. A balanced diet is also necessary for good skin. All creams, powders, lipsticks may not have a good standard and sometimes they may produce boils due to infection in the skin. They are not the solutions to the skin problems rather they produce more problems in it.

Some quality cosmetic goods are also available in the market but they also have strict directions for use. It means we have to take precaution while using different kinds of cosmetic goods. The company itself requests to use the products only after rest. It means these goods are usually harmful. We should be aware of the fact that our natural beauty may be lost in the name of beautifying our body by such artificial means. Physical beauty comes by taking physical exercises, cleanliness and having a balanced diet. It has found that friction of some ornaments has caused cancer. Therefore, clothes and ornaments should not be very heavy and tight.

Some adverse effects of these harmful cosmetic goods on health are given below:

  1. The use of cream, powder, oil, etc. may sometimes block the skin pores; attract dust and germs which may lead to various skin diseases.
  2. They cause skin allergy.
  3. Tight dress or pencil heel shoes may affect the posture and body structure.
  4. Various types of kajal's used as the adornment of eyes may even lead to blindness.
  5. The friction of heavy ornaments may cause cancer.

  • Cosmetics are the substances used to enhance or protect the appearance of the human body.
  • Make up, cream, powder, and gels are major cosmetics used in our daily life.
  • Skin allergy is the major side effect of cosmetics but most disaster effect caused by it is cancer.

Very Short Questions

Cosmetic is a substance that you put on your face or body to make more attractive. It is compared with medical treatment that is intended to improve a person's appearance. Cosmetic goods are related to fashion. Limited use of cosmetic goods may be useful but its excessive use might cause damage. Cosmetic goods shoes positive effect at beginning but by passage of time the original beauty of face and beauty slowly deteriorates. It is because use of cosmetic goods is injurious to health.

The use of cosmetic goods causes the following health problems:

  • Natural charm of skin will be lost.
  • Excessive use of 'Gajal' may cause blindness and infection.
  • Excessive use of powder will make your skin dry and cause skin rashes.
  • Heavy ornaments may result cancer.
  • Use of high heels shoes will cause back problem and damage our posture.

  • The health hazards observed due to the use of false medicine are:
  • It reduces the resistance power of body.
  • It causes allergy.
  • It causes side effect.
  • A person may observe weakness.
  • It may cause vomiting, unconsciousness, nausea.
  • It may cause premature death.

  • Cosmetics are the substances used to enhance or protect __ . of odor of the human body.

    out look
    None of these
    both a and b
  • Which of the following is not major side effects of cosmetics?

    spot in skin
    skin raches
  • Which of the following is not adverse effects of harmful cosmetic goods on health?

    They cause skin allergy.
    The use of cream, powder, oil, etc. may sometimes prevents from dust and sun radiation.
    Various types of  kajal used as adornment of eyes may even lead to blindness.
    Friction of heavy ornaments may cause cancer.
  • Our skin becomes beautiful if the ______  in our skin is good.


    >blood circulation
  • Which one of the following is not cosmetic item?

    Eye liner
    Face powder
    Lip gloss
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