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Factor Affecting Population Changes:The birth

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Birth, also known as parturition, is the act or process of bearing or bringing forth new ones. It is an important component mainly related to fertility. It is the process of producing offspring. In a country, if the women they are producing more babies then it means the size of the population is growing or the size of the country is changing. There are different factors which affect Birth. Like socio-cultural, environmental and economic. The factors which affect them are given below:

Economical factors:

  • Insurance: People think that their children are their old age security. Parents consider the children as the future insurance. So, the people produce more babies.
  • Poverty : In our country, more than 25% of the population is below the poverty line. Due to which people, they are facing different types of problems day by day. Because of their economic problems or poverty, they cannot use the proper instrument for family planning. So, the people they give birth to many children. Fig: Poverty
Fig: Poverty
  • Unemployment: Our country Nepal is developing the country. Due to lack of employment, they stay idle at their home and force to women to give birth to more children. So, unemployment is one of the major factors which affect birth.
  • Economic condition: All the people are different inside of the society. In the society, some people may be rich and some may be poor. The family with poor economic may have more children compared to rich people. Poor people they give birth to more children and they think that when they will big or grow up they will provide economic support to the family. They also think if they give birth to many children, they will take care of them during old age.

Social Factors

Society is the place where we learn and get different types of knowledge. Every society says something about social values, beliefs, and traditional norms. Social practices and religious values regarding fertility come under this group:

  • The importance of Son: Our society is male dominated society. Most of the people of our society prefer the son. The people of our society force the women to give birth to many children in the want of the son. According to our culture or due to our society it is believed that only the son can fire on the funeral pyre and is believed to give his demised parents salvation. People they think if they won't have the son then their generation will stop and no one will be there to spite their culture and religion. This all due the different between girl and boy which also help to grow the population.
  • Illiteracy: Education is one of the major factors of development. If the people they are educated then it will be very easy to develop the country. In our society, there are many people who are illiterate. They don't know the different between a large family and small family. They don't know about planning and the birth spacing. Due to lack of knowledge they give more birth to many children. That is the result of more children.
  • Family Structure: Family structure is also responsible for increasing fertility. The people live in a joint family they are supposed to do early married and early conception. Childbearing couples do not have to bear a socioeconomic burden of child-rearing because their children are taken care by their other relatives within their family. The couple doesn't feel their responsibility and gives birth to many children. They do not know the means of family planning and necessity of small family.
  • Early Marriage: Early marriage one of the major factor of rapid population growth. In our country, due to social and religious customs people, they do early marriage. It is believed that to get a daughter are married before the age menarche will get them salvation. More than 40% of girls are married before the age of twenty. Doing marriage in early age is illegal. It is the longer fertility period. So , the couple who do early marriage they born more babies. Fig: Early Marriage
Fig: Early Marriage
  • Polygamy: When a man is married to more than one wife at a time, it is called polygamy. It is a social evil. It is an illegal act which is practices in our society. Due to this types of marriage, it increases the population. There will be a competition of giving births between the wives.
  • Poor status of Woman: As we know that our country Nepal is male dominated society. Still, the situation of women is not so good. The women are doing household work like cooking, washing, cleaning, rearing their children etc. Most of the women they sit in the home and do house work. So they are forced to give birth to a number of babies.

Environmental Factors:

Climate: The people living in the hot climate have the high level of fertility rate than the people who live in the cold climate. It is seen that the women in hot climate become early matured and fecund than the women in the cold climate. The number of babies is more in the hot region. Whereas the number of babies is less in a cold region. The size of the population in the hot region is growing fast in comparison to the cold region. So, the climate is considered as one of the important factor affecting the population.

  • Birth important component mainly related to fertility . 
  • If the women they are producing more babies then it means the size of the population is growing or the size of the country is changing.
  •  Every society says something about social values , beliefs, and traditional norms .
  •  The climate is considered as one of the important factor affecting the population .

Very Short Questions

The determinants of fertility are as follows :

  • Age at marriage
  • Level of income
  • Climate
  • It is deceived if you find either daughter or son
  • Educational attainment of couple 
  • Child death rate 
  • Occupation
  • Urbanization
  • Religious beliefs 
  • Small and joint family system 
  • Health services etc.

Population study remains incomplete  without fertility or birth . It is birth that is responsible to replace the old people with young ones . So , that  the biological replacement is possible only through of people . It maintains human society . The  society which have more death then birth will face danger ofof becoming extinct . So, fertility is important to save society and human civilization.

Economic factors concern about earning or involvement in the activities that provide monitory  profit to the family . In under developed and developing countries where education and awareness level of people is low at par, more number of members in a family is taken as wealth of the family . Uneducated  people give birth to more number of children to get help in their household works , farm , land etc. So, economic  factor largely helps to increase fertility rate .

  • Which one of the following is the primary sources of population data?

    Sample surveys
    Vital Registration
  • Which one of the following is not the primary sources of population data?

    Statistical yearbooks
  • Which one of the following is not the social factor that causes birth?

    Importance of son
    Early marriage
  • Which one of the following is not the economic factor that causes birth?

    Economic condition
  • What is the total percentage of people in Nepal that lies below poverty line?

  • What is the infant mortality rate of Nepal according to 2011 AD census?

    46 per 1000 live birth
    56 per 1000 live birth
    33 per thousand live birth
    65 per thousand live birth
  • What is the total percentage of women in Nepal who get married before the age of twenty?

  • The data which are already collected and compiled by others (i.e. institutions, organizations, individual research groups) is called

    Primary sources of population data
    Paper sources of population data
    Secondary sources of population data
    Tertiary sources of population data
  • What are the secondary sources of population data?

    Magazines and internet
    Books and journals
    All of the given.
    Research reports and organizational reports
  • The process of marrying two or more than two women or men is known as

    Multi- marriage
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