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Vital Registration System (VRS)

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Introduction :

In this system, the various events like birth ,death, marriage, divorce and migration are been recorded. The vital registration system was started in England in the 16th century for the first time. It is the important sources of demographic data. It is also known as the civil registration system. The statistical recording of vital events which includes: birth, death, divorce, migration, marriage, adoption, etc. Which is useful for population data. It is also the reliable source of population data. All the data which we get from it are said as vital statistics. It helps to follow the government to formulate, plan and implement the activities on the economic, educational health and transportation services and facilities. fig:vital registration
fig: vital registration

The VRS(Vital Registration System) record of Churchmen, in 1608 AD Sweden adopted VRS; which is known as the first scientific VRS in the world. In 1610 AD VRS was started in Canada where as in 1628 AD in Finland, 1646 AD in Denmark and Norway in 1684 AD was started. Whereas the England arrange VRS in 1837 AD as a legal basis.

History of Vital Registration System in the World

Country Year ( in AD )
Sweden 1608
Canada 1610
Finland 1628
Denmark 1646
Norway 1684
England 1837

The Vital Registration Act in Nepal in Nepal was passed in 2033 BS (1976 AD). Its regulation passed on 2034 BS. Whereas the actual Vital Registration Operation started since 2035 Baisakh 1st (14th April 1978 AD).

Characteristics of Vital Registration System

  • It is a compulsory, continuous and legal regarding of vital events.
  • Under this system, every event is required to fill up certain firm.
  • It is an important tool for studying the dynamics of the population.
  • It is the primary source of population data and is known as the registration system.

Coverage of information in the Vital Registration System

Information related to birth

  • Name of father/mother
  • Occupation of father and mother
  • Age of mother
  • Date of birth
  • Sex
  • Place of residence
  • Name of new born baby

Information related to marriage

  • Occupation of bride / bridegroom
  • Name of the bride / bridegroom
  • Father's name of bride / bridegroom
  • Age of bride/bridegroom
  • Residence of bride/bridegroom

Information related to death

  • Name of the dead person
  • Occupation
  • Cause of death
  • Sex
  • Place of birth
  • Age
  • Marital status

Information related to Divorce

  • Age
  • Education
  • Language
  • Religion
  • Caste
  • Name of the divorced person
  • Number of live births

Information related to migration

  • Name of the migrant
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Place of birth
  • Citizenship
  • Education
  • Causes of migration
  • Place of residence
  • Religion
  • Place of destination

Sample Survey

Sample survey is also another important source of population data. It is the process of collecting, compiling, evaluating and publishing demographic, social and economic data about the sampled population. The overall population of a place or the country is given in the sample survey. In simple word, it is the method of collecting data of the population. It helps us to keep the record of the population.

The Sample Survey was started in the world from the 19th century for the first time in England. It became so popular after 1950 AD around 400 knowledge. Attitude and Practice survey have been organized in the world .Sample survey was conducted in Nepal on 1974/75 , 1976/77 and 1977/78. It has special important in different types of research and studies. Sample survey is more qualitative which always provides current data.

Administrative Records

It is also the important source of population data. It also helps to collect the population data. The complete national population is not included in this types of record. Only the different types of offices and organization are recorded which they need for their official purpose. These data are also important for planning, research and studies. All the school administrative they also keep the record of students by the particular in which we can know mother tongue, castes, religious of the students which help to keep record of the student on the databases. It help to keep the regular record of the important events of each citation in a particular country.

Population Register

According to the UN, population register is a mechanism which will provide for the continuous recording of information about the population in such a manner that data on particular events related to each as well as selected characteristics describing him are maintain on a current basis ."It is an important date keeping because it keeps the record from birth to the death of the people." This method is very popular in the developed country .Like . Italy , Belgium ,Denmark etc.


  • It is the primary source of population data and is known as the registration system .
  • the another one is sample survey  the process of collecting , compiling , evaluating and publishing demographic , social and economic data about the sampled population .
  • The vital registration system was started in E England in the 16th century for the first time .
  • The statistical recording of vital events which includes : birth , death , divorce , migration , marriage , adoption , etc. Which is useful for population data . 

Very Short Questions

Sample survey is one of the vital sources of the population used in different countries . In short time and with less use of financial resources , detailed figures of population will be obtained through sample survey . 

  • Vital Registration System is also known as

    Civil Registration System
    Main Registration System
    Community Registration system
    State Registration system
  • Which one of the following is not the vital events that is registered in Vital Registration System?

  • The vital registration was first started in_________.

  • When was vital registration conducted in Norway?

    1608 AD
    1837 AD
    1628 AD
    1684 AD
  • When was vital registration conducted in Finland?

    1560 AD
    1628 AD
    1837 AD
    1548 AD
  • When was vital registration conducted in all 75 districts of Nepal?

    2030 BS
    2035 BS
    2028 BS
    2047 BS
  • Which primary sources of population data is known as partial record?

    Vital registration system
    Population Register
    Sample surveys
  • What are the vital events of life?

    Divorce and migration
    Birth and death
    Marriage and adoption
    All of them
  • Which one of the following is not the merits of vital registration system?

    The data from VRS cannot be alternative to census data.
    It helps policy makers to plan for future
    It makes easy to know the future trend of population.
    Under this system, data can be available continuously.
  • Which one of the following is not the merits of sample survey?

    It is cheaper and easier to administer than census
    The quality of data obtained through a sample survey is better than that obtained from the census
    It may not represent the entire population perfectly.
    It fulfils inter census data gap
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