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Muscular Tissue-1

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Muscular tissue
- they help in movements of the body.
- Muscular tissue is mesodermal in origin.
- Muscular tissue consists muscular fibres.
- myofibrils are present in the cytoplasm of muscular fibres.
- myofibrils contains ATP,Actin, myosin.
-muscular of further 3 types:-
1 Striated muscled
2 Smooth muscles
3 Cardiac muscles

1 Striated muscles
- muscles fibres are cylindrical and have one or more than one nuclei.
- myofibrils posses alternate dark and light bands.
-dark bands are called" A "bands and light are called I bands.
- the proteins of myofibrils lie between two Z- lines called as the sarcomere.
-they get fatigued.
- they are attached to bones so-called skeletal muscles.
-they are called voluntary muscles as well as under control of our wills.

2 Smooth muscles
- these are the smaller than striped muscles.
- they have spindles shaped and uninucleate structures.
- sarcoplasm contains granules.
- they are known as visceral muscles examples wall of stomach ,B.V.
-they are called involuntary muscles.

3 Cardiac muscles
- they are intermediate between striped and un-striped muscles.
- the presence of intercalated disc.
-these are present in the wall of heart.
- they restless,involuntary muscles.
- contractions and relaxations are rhythmical.

Extra knowledges
- In I band- only actin filaments are present.
- In A- band – both actin and myosin filaments are present.
-in H- band –only myosin filaments are present.
- InZ-line – members on both sides of which ,actin filaments are attached.

fig:musculer tissue


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  1. Muscular tissue is mesodermal in origin
  2.  Muscular tissue consists muscular fibres
  3. cardiac muscles are intermediate between striped and un-striped muscles

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