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Informal Letter Writing

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Letter is an ancient mode of written communication transmitted to the receiver (i.e. individual,institution,business enterprise,etc). By the means of post office.

Types Of Letter:

There are many types of letters, they may be classified according to different purpose such as informal letter, formal letter, business letter etc.

Informal Letter: Informal letters is also known as personal letter. It refers to letter of friends and relatives. They are usually full of news of written in the form of chatty or conversational style. We can touch on many subjects in this letters as we touch on many subjects in friendly talk and we can write.

Informal letters can be divided into three class:

  1. Business letters
  2. Official letters (Application letters, letters to newspaper etc.)
  3. Social letters (notes of invitations, their replies, condolences, congratulations,etc)

Parts of personal letters:

There are 6 parts of a personal letter.

Part I: Sender's address

Part II: Date

Part III: Salutation

Part IV: Body of the letter

Part V: Validation

Part VI: Signature

P.S (Refers to Post Script)

Part I: You should write the address either in the right hand corner or in the left hand corner of the letter. Its better for you to follow either of the following two ways of writing the address although there are many different ways.

a. Either no punctuation at all.



Madhyapur Thimi-6


b. Or a comma at the end of each line and a full stop at the end of last line.


Madhyapur Thimi -6,



Address always begins from lowest to highest i.e. house number, toll name, ward number, city, district, zone, country.

For further knowledge:-

i. House name (if any) = Lakshmi Niwas

ii.Flat number (if any) = Flat 8

iii.House or block number(if any)=B/5 312

iv.Street, road, avenue (if any) = Nibesh marga

Madhyapur Thimi-6


v. If the letter is going abroad.

vi. If you have post code system C.E 16 n0.2RW

Part II: Date

There are many different ways of writing letters.The easiest is this

12 January 2002

Other versions are:

12th January 2002

12th January 2002

12th January,02

January 12th, 2002

Jan 12th, 2002

Jan 12th, 02





Example of informal letter:

Write a letter to your friend congratulating him/her on the success in the S.L.C examination.

Gaurighat, Chabahil

24th May 2013

Dear Nibesh,

It's a great pleasure to know that you passed SLC exams in the 1st division. My joy knew no bounds when I saw your symbol number in the Gorkhapatra. I congratulate you on your success. We all expected that you'd farewell in the S.L.C examination. Our expectation has come true. I shall be glad to know in which area you will pursue your further studies. I believe you will join Science college majoring Biology. This will enable you to be a doctor. Think of your future career before you choose your subject. I think you will be a doctor as our country is short of doctors. This is my suggestion don't consider it seriously. It's up to you to decide.

I once again congratulate you and hope next letter from you.

Best regards



Types Of Letter

  • Formal letter
  • personal letters
  • Informal letter:
  • Business letters
  • Official letters (Application letters, letters to newspaper etc.)
  • Social letters (notes of invitations, their replies, condolences, congratulations, etc)

Parts of personal letters:

  • Sender's address
  • Date
  • Salutation
  • Body of the letter
  • Validation
  • Signature

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