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Timilisina Genealogy

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Uma was born in Kavrepalanchowk. Kavre is in the central development. She studies in grade -9 in Cosmic International School.

She is very co-operative, discipline, hard working and lovely. Everyone gets impressed with her impressive behavior.her father is a farmer

One day her friends were talking about their clans genealogy, etc. She didn’t understand anything. So she thought of asking about asking about the genealogy.

After reaching home she asked her father. Her father replied her

We are Timilsina. Our clane is moth kali. We are eighteen generation of our ancestor as our information. Our ancestor chooses to live with agriculture as the sources of income and survives till the 17th generation. Your grandfather was the businessman and now, I am the doctor.

With the introduction of democracy, people were given freedom to read, write and also to carry different profession. Accordingly your grandfather graduated from the tribhuwan university of Kathmandu and devoted himself towards the business. He died at the age of 75. Grandfather have 4 brothers 2 died and another you know he lives with your uncle.

Now we are 3 brothers of your father. You know I am the elder brothers are on the different profession. The youngest one is still studying in abroad.

Whoever and whenever we are, we’re. we celebrate all festival with equal joy, excitement, and importance. We even invite our sister and relatives during the occasion and have fun. Besides entertainment, we help guide and motivate each others

After listening to her father she becomes very exuberant to know how things about her family and thanks her father telling the genealogy of her ancestor.

Lastly, she asked her father to present the genealogy of her ancestor. Her father drew in her copy. The genealogy is given below:

Timilsina Genealogy
Timilsina Genealogy

  • Genealogy is the study or investigation of ancestry and family history .

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Preparation of family tree

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