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Military Consolidation and Financial Crisis

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Gorkha was not financially strong comparing to another country . So that due to poor preparation and feeble military Prithvi Narayan Shah defeat against Nuwakot and then he realized that such poor preparation and attack no triumph at all. So , he requested all the people of Gorkha regardless to caste , creed, sex and occupation.There were about 12000 Gorkhalis who helped them with whatever they had like an arm, ammunitions,cash and anything useful. Which was not enough to complete his dream of unifying Nepal into one .

Visit of Banaras

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King Prithvi Narayan with his trusted Kazi Kalu Panday went to Banaras to collect war weapons and to study the political and economic condition of East India Company and other Baise and Chaubise Rajyas. When he reached Banaras , he worshiped Bishwanath and changed his Gotra from Bhardwaj into "Kasyap" with the help of his father in law . When he came back to Gorkha via Butwal and began to train his soldiers . With the help of Kalu Panday advice , he sent for young men from the terai, recruited them in Gorkha army and givethem proper training and he began to prepare for the next invasion of Nuwakot.

Peace Alliance with Lamjung

Kalu Panday used to advise the king to maintain the friendly relationship among the different neighboring kingdom. Then he was afraid that other neighboring king might attack Gorkha while king would be away on his invasion campaign . So, king, he sends Kalu Panday who was talking with the king of Lamjung at the basin of the river Chepa because of the diplomatic mind of Kalu Panday and an alliance was possible between Gorkha and Lamjung two traditional enemies after that , Gorkha made an alliance with Kaski, Tanahu, and Palpa. At the same time king, he was also made an agreement with Malla kingdoms viz-king of Bhaktapur Ranajit Malla and jing of Kritipur king Jayaprakash Malla .So , kind he signed a treaty with Kritipur and promised to provide Sanga and Changu to Bhaktapur after he would get triumph over those places.

That is how king he used his tactfulness to forward his unification campaign keeping Gorkha in the safe position .

a.  King Prithvi Narayan Shah realize that the defeat against Nuwakot was the result of poor preparation and feeble military.

b. Then king and his minister  Kalu Pandey they plan to go Banaras to collect  war weapons and to study the political and economic condition of East India company.

c. The diplomatic mind of a Kalu Pandey who was  possible between Gorkha and Lamjung two traditional enemies after that , Gorkha made an alliance with Kaski ,Tanahu and Palpa. 


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IIt was not easy to unify the multiracial statesscattered in different parts, Prithvi Narayan Shah still remembered the Sirhanchok war with Tanhun. So, he wanted to revenge and the same Raj guru Gureshwar had initiated his father and the Tanahun king Tir Bikram Sen. So, he invited the Rajguru from Benarasand gave a warm welcome to him. Then he asked him to mediate a friendship talk with Tir Bikram . Both met at the bank of the Tirshuli River. But the Gorkha troops hiding under the sand captured Tir Bikram even when Rajguru opposed, they drove him, too. Prithvi Narayan Shah chained Tir Bikram and Jailed him at Nuwakot . He also seized lppa and Malta.

Political , geographical and economicwere the two main obstructions faced by KingPrithvi Narayan Shah during his unification campaign. It was not an easy task to conquer the small states and unite them.

The different names by Prithvi Narayan Shah to different three states were: the largest vulture to Lamjung , the snake to Gorkha and the frog to Nepal . In nature, frog is eaten by snake and snake is eaten by vulture . It mean Gorkha should be aware while launching any activites.

  • He requested all the people of Gorkha regardless to_________.

  • Gorkha made an alliance with___________

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