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Continuity of the Unification Campaign

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Victory over Makwanpur

Makwanpur had control over the southern route to the Kathmandu valley . The help of Makwanpur to the valley exporting commodities was against the policy of Gorkha. So the Prithivi Narayan Shah thought to conquer it. The king of Makwanpur Digbandan sen had good economic status.Prithvi Narayan Shah demanded the Naulakha Haar and one-tusked elephant to ease his camping. Because of growing power of Gorkha, Makwanpur was terrified and the king of Makwanpur had planned to join the alliance with the Jaya Prakash Malla to resist the attack. When Prithvi Narayan Shah came to know this,he sent armies under the command of Kehar Simha Basnyat, Bansaraj Pandey, and Ram Krishna Kanwar on 9th Vedra 1892 (21st Aug1762 A.D). Makwanpur force was defeated in the 10 hours battle and they surrounded before the gallant Gorkhali. During the war, 100 Gorkhali and 400 Makwanpur soldiers were killed. Then the king Digbandan Sen with his minister field to India and ask for help with Mir Kasim, the Nawab of Bengal. He sent about 21000 Muslim soldiers under Gurgain khan. The Muslim soldiers were badly defeated in the war materialized on 27th Poush 1819 (1763A.D)the weapons they brought to fight with Gorkhali were coughed by Gorkhali in their hand . Then the Gorkha attacked and occupied Hariharpur, timalakot, and Sindhulikot. The Gorkhas troops arrested Digbandhan Sen, the king of Makwanpur on February, 13, 1763A.D.

Second attack on Kritipur


Due to the economic blocked , the condition of Kathmandu was critical in Gorkha made an attack over Kritipur for the second time. But Gorkhali troops couldn’t capture it Surya Pratap shah the brother of Prithvi Narayan shah lost his right eye during the battle Gorkha had to face economic and human loss in war Conquest of Kritipur after the heavy loss of the second attack over kritipur Prithivi Narayan Shah didn’t loose courage. Prithvi Narayan Shah adopted a diplomatic strategy to defeat Kritipur. Grokhali troops surrounded Kritipur for six months and disconnected from the neighbor place and made kritipur worse than ever. Then the commandership of Bansa Raj Pandey Gorkhali troops attacked kritipur in December 1767(1823) Gorkha capture panga and chovar to cut off the contract of kritipur. Prithvi Shah becomes furious from his former defects who played key role defeat him. So some claimed that he ordered to cut the nose of some people of kritipur over the age of 12 and name the city and the named city ‘Naskatipur’.

Victory over the Kathmandu valley

attack on kathmandu

When Gorkhali troops attacked Kantipur on 13th Aswin 1825B.S. The king of Kantipur was celebrating Indra Jatra festival. As Jaya Prakash Malla was not prepared to fight with Gorkhali troops, the kingdom Kantipur easily fell into the hand of Prithivi Narayan Shah. Then Patan surrendered on 24th Ashoj 1825 B.S. and Gorkhali troops invaded it. Then the kings- king of Kantipur and Tej nursing Malla king of patent fled from there and took shelter in Bhadgaon where Ranjit Malla was ruling. Gorkhali troops invaded Bhadgaon on 1st Mangsir 1826 B.S and got triumph over it. This is how Prithivi Narayan Shah invaded Kathmandu valley and fulfilled his dream to be the king.

a. In 1808 King Prithvi Narayan Shah attacked Nuwakot from 3 side and conquered it.

b. In 1826 , Bhaktapur was also conquered by Prithvi Narayan Shah.

c. After the successful conquest of Kathmandu Valley , he conquered Kaski ,Dhor , Paiyun , Rising and Bhirkot. 


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King Prithvi Narayan Shah called Nepal is garden because it consists of various casts of people as a garden consist of various species flower .So these castes tidily increase the beauty of the country as various species of flower do and they jointly strive to develop the country and bring about changes in the country.

Nepal faced great loss in the battle of Tanahu because frightened by the success of Gorkha troops all over King Kirtbam Malla of Parbat and King Mukunda Sen of Palpa Secretly allied with Kaski , Tanahuand Lamjung to form troops which attacked the Gorkha troops stationed at Tanahun . Then Gorkha troops were under the leadership of Kehar Singh Basnyat and Bansaraj Panday and a lot of Gorkhali armies.

It was very necessary to conquer Makawanpur before conquering the Kathmandu valley because Makawanpur was supplying the goods of daily need to Kathmandu against the policy of Gorkha and also wanted to said with the Kingdom of Kathmandu . Digbhandhan who was the brother in law of Prithvi Narayan Shah and also the king of Naulakhya har and one tuskedelephant at the time of marriage . But he refused Prithvi Narayan Shah went to take revenge. Moreover, he could get the goods of daily need from Makawanpur by imposing economic blockage in the south.

  • Gorkha attacked on kiritpur for the second time in_______________.

    August 1467
    May 1823 B.S
  • The brother of PN shah,Surpratap Shah had lo lose his____________during battle.

    Left leg
    Right hand
    left hand
  • The Gorkhali troops attacked kantipur on_____________when king of kantipur was celebrating Indra jatra festival.

    15th Mangsir 1873 B.S
    9th Ashar 1901 B.S
  • The Gorkhali troops arrested Digbandhan Sen,the king of Makwanpur on February ______________.

    18th,1902 A.D
    5th ,1672 A.D
  • The Gorkhali invaded Bhadgawon on_______and got triumph over it.

    7th Baisakh 1772 B.S
    12th poush 1901 B.S
    5th Magh 1887 B.S
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What was the motives of gokha to attack kathmandu valley

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What are the socio economic effects of unification campaign? Explain.

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smarak marasini

If we work with patience,courage and good planning,we can achieve our goal.justify it with examples of conquest of kirtipur by gorkha

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