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Our Duty towards Our Community

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Our Duty Towards Our Community

Sujan Sapkota is a brilliant student. He has a strong ability to deliver a speech on many social and moral values. He is considered as the best speaker in our school. He also has owned the recent competition of last week in a topic "Our Duty towards our community". His sayings are well published on our notice board. There is a crowd of a student near to read his article. So, to avoid rush my friend Rohan is reciting the whole speech for all of us.

"Good Afternoon to you all. Respected Principal, unbiased Judges, inspiring teacher and my lovely friends. Today, I feel so lucky to come in front of you all and share my opinion on "Our duty towards our Community" Now, I would like to start my speech by providing the introduction of a community.

First of all, The word community is derived from Latin words 'com' and 'minus'; meaning 'together' and 'service', respectively. In simple it is no more like, 'to go together for service'. According to George Lundberg, 'The human population who settles in a particular geographical area, usually leading a better life is known as community'. The community is not about an individual, it's the group of people having common ground to make the better place of living, sharing and caring. Most often we see communities developing in the name of religious backgrounds, such as Brahmin community, Gurung community, and Tharu Community. Some others are based on religion, caste or race too.

The people living together has the feeling of 'We' rather than 'I'. Actually, Community is taken as the place where people of different caste, creed, religion, and race living together for one common purpose. People living in Community can help one another in festivals and different special occasions. Even in natural calamities, Community seems so effective in serving one another. So, it's been one big home for all of us.


Dear friends, If a community has been heaven for us since long, we do have some duty and responsibilities towards it. First of all, Our duty is to live harmoniously. We cannot live with personal motive and selfishness. As there are different ethnic groups of people and some might be our neighbor, so we should always be cooperative and should not disturb in their celebrations. All people living in society are significant. But, sometime we might feel bad about someone. In such cases, we should be able to forgive and move on. Development of the community depends on upon the activity of its members. So, it's equally necessary for all of us to participate in community projects, such as Plantation, Cleanliness, Gardening, maintaining parks and recreational arena.

The community is a common home for all where each of them shares ideas, care each other and provide helpful hands for each other. Within community we utilize several services, we use community resources, we seek ways for improving our living standard. Residing under community surroundings enables us to feel free to live in the desired way without any obligation. Each person possesses right to earn and live their life in their own desired form. Hence, when the community provides each so many opportunity to live an easy life its responsibility of all to think about the betterment of community too. The community itself could not achieve prosperous status, for uplifting its standard proper plan are supposed to be made, public participation is a must for proper planning about community development. Everyone should be conscious of the importance of community so that each could make an effective effort for preserving and protecting the wealth of community in order to make a strategy for improving the status of the community. Its responsibility of every person in the community to respect each person's well-being without hindering community rules and regulations. Everyone should be conscious about protecting wealth and resources of a community.Responsibilities towards community are an individual's duties or obligations to the community and include cooperation, respect, and participation. The concept goes beyond thinking and acting as individuals to common beliefs about shared interests and life.Individuals, as responsible members of their communities, may give their time and volunteer their services to help obtain needed improvements.As a part of responsibilities, one should ensure the agenda, constitution, and institutions of the community, protect and support other members. The effort of only one could not be sufficient for the development of community therefore in order to mobilize mass its responsibility of all to allocate the work and specify the role to work for the community.Communication is the must for the effectiveness of work so every responsible member of a community should manage the friendly environment for all where they can communicate with each other and resolution for araising problems could be proposed. Ever active member of a community should always be ready to invest his/her skill and knowledge for the advantage of other members of the community along with the development of community regardless of own personal selfishness.

Besides, There are so many important things of public utility in our community. It is our duty to preserve and protect them. Health post, community centers, park, water-taps, well, bridges, temples, lakes, inns, rest houses, post offices, historical monuments, and schools. Some are so related to our daily aid and rest are community identities.

clean up

These properties of the community should be taken care properly. It is the responsibility of all to make the surroundings neat and clean. Splitting here and there is our usual habit which pollutes the surrounding. We should have special attention while preserving the historical and religious places. Temples, Majeed and Church should be always peaceful and respectful. Creating loud noise and playing here and there may give huge burden to other people. Our disturbance might be the reason of someone's accident. If any bad happens then it will entirely disturb the peace. So, we should be always careful while walking, playing, using public toilets and library.

So, the whole stability of the community depends on upon how beautifully its members are fulfilling their duties and responsibilities. If we forget and show our negligence while protecting our society, then it will be very difficult for the progressive development. The benefits will be ultimate to the members of the community. For example, community forest is one of the most effective programs in our country. It is formed by the community for the welfare of the community. Before this plan, the green forest had been exploited and over used, which results in problems of cattle-feeding, fuel wood, and timber. But since it has been effectively taken place, all problems are resolved and forest preservation has risen by manifolds. On the top of that, the earning of the forest product has been increased. Local development has been also boosting up with this project. Like community forest , the government has put forth the proposal of community education and health.

  • Community is formed with the group of people.
  • Community is the common ground for all to make better place of living, sharing and caring.
  • People with different castes, races, cultures and religions resides under community.
  • All people living in society and community are significant.
  • It is duty of each to preserve and protect wealth of community.
  • Each member of community should take responsibility of maintaining clanliness and personal hygiene.
  • Conservation of community forest could aid in earning comfortable livelihood.

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The people living together in a community have developed the feling of unity. The process of life has been made easier with festivals, occasions of entertainment or calamity, because of the members of the community take part in them, discuss and help one another. That is why community is like our second home.

  • According to ____________, 'The human population who settles in a particular geographical area, usually leading a better life is known as community'.

    George Lundberg
    Filip Lundberg
    Kelly Harrison
    George Harrison
  • The community is not about an individual, it's the group of people having common ground to make the better place of __________. 

  • The people living together has the feeling of 'We' rather than '___________'.

  • Our duty is to live _________. 

  • We cannot live in the community with ________. 

    personal motive
  • Using the force to oppose or stop something is termed as _____________.

  • To be loved by the community, one must have _________.

    good qualities
  • The people living together in a community have the feeling of ________.

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