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Corruption is an illegal act by an officeholder. It is the misuse of public power. It's like a virus, which has made hollow to our nation. It is the main problem of every country. Corruption is a global problem and occurs not only in developed but also in developing countries like Nepal. Corruption is a serious social problem in our country. It is the main obstacle to the development of Nepal. It is widespread and pervasive in the developing countries rather than in the developed countries. Nature of Corruption is multi-dimensional. It often occurs at the nexus of different areas and sectors. Corruption makes government poor. Corruption is living in that place or countries where the governance is poor.

We should know that not only public corruption but also private corruption between individuals and businesses could be harmful to the society and nation.Major corruption comes close whenever major events involving large sums of money, multiple ‘players’, or huge quantities of products (think of food and pharmaceuticals) often in disaster situations, are at stake.

We know that corruption will not disappear frclassom society. Our efforts are meant to restrict corruption and to protect as much as possible the poor and weak in our societies. In the end, all corruption costs are paid by the consumer and the tax-payer. They need protection. Nepal is a country among the countries of the high rate of corruption. If we don’t control corruption, development can’t be possible as expected. Rule of law is limited only in slogan if there is corruption. Corruption has been a hindrance for the political reforms. Corruption has weakened the accountability, transparency and good governance. Corruption has trickled into not only the private sector but also public sectors.

Causes of Corruption


  1. Low Pay scales/ Wages
    Most of the employees in government sector are paid low wages and salaries. Hence, some employees revert to corruption for more financial benefits.

  2. Lack of Strict and fast punishments
    Even if someone is found guilty or even caught red-handed by the anti-corruption officials or media, the convicts get less punishment. First, they will be suspended for few months or weeks and then re-posted to another location with same Job grade and pay.

  3. Low Job opportunities
    This is another cause of corruption. Due to lack of job opportunities at will, there are many people who like to go for corruption mode to get the job offer.

  4. Lack of transparency in affairs and deals
    Many seat selection processes like in education, contracts for job, employee income reports (wealth possession), etc lack transparency.

  5. Lack of enough powers to the judicial system
    Like the election commission cannot ban a politician from contesting in case they make a mistake or do not comply with the rules during. Similarly, the judicial system has low options to punish someone who is found to be.

Effects of Corruption


In our society, corruption discourages people to work together for the common goodamong the people. It creates frustration and general apathy among the public result in a weak civil society. Here, Demanding and paying bribes becomes the tradition. It also results in social inequality and gap between the rich and poor, civil strive, increased poverty. There will be lack of basic needs like food, water. There may increase jealousy and hatred and insecurity. Here are some of the effects of Corruption listed below:

The impact of corruption is very hard in public life as:

  • Violation of laws and order
  • Question mark on the prestige of a nation
  • The question mark about system and leadership
  • Lack of quality in services
  • Lack of proper justice
  • Lack of respect for rulers
  • Lack of faith and trust on the governments
  • Decrease in foreign investment
  • Lack of development
  • Differences in trade ratio’s
  • Justice is exchanged with money
  • Unity among people is lost and rifts increase

Government plans for Checking of Corruption


  1. A ten-year master plan is to be prepared and implemented for the promotion and strengthening of Nepal army to secure vital and national heritage, including carrying out of general security responsibilities and effectively conducting rescue operations.

  2. Establishment of Rashtriya Satarkata Kendra which was established on 27th Shrawan 2059 B.s. with the prime aim of checking corruption and maintain good governance in public offices.

  3. The government has the prime role in preventing and controlling corruption. However, the government should get support from civil society and media to move more effectively in preventing corruption.

  4. Media have been playing a vital role by reporting and publishing the news of corruption with high priority.

  5. Nepal has signed in International Convention, 2063 respective to corruption control. It's endorsed by the parliament of Nepal in - 2011 A.d.

  6. Special Court has special jurisdiction of a permanent nature to adjudication of “corruption and money laundering cases” filed by the CIAA and DMLI.

  7. There has been lots of awareness generating programmes being conducted by nongovernmental organizations about corruption.

  8. Corruption has been included in the school curriculum to make students aware of it and its consequences.

  • Corruption is like virus, which had made hollow to our nation.
  • Understanding Corruption is the first step to fight against Corruption.
  •  Corruptions are misuse of public fund, favouritism, nepotism, encroachment, forgery, dishonesty on entrusted work. 
  • In our society, corruption discourages people to work together for the common good. 

Questions and Answers

Click on the questions below to reveal the answers

  • __________________ is an illegal act by an officeholder.

    Playing cards
  • Corruption between individuals and businesses could be harmful to the ___________________ and______________ .

     family and society
    Society and Nation
    people and family
    family and nation
  • Most of the employees in government sector are paid low ________________ and ___________________ .

    Wages and Salaries
    Food and wages
    Food and clothes
    Salaries and  pension
  • Due to lack of______________________ at will, there are many people who like to go for corruption mode to get the job offer.

    Health facilities
    job opportunities
    physical infrastructure
  • Effects of Corruption are:


    all of the above
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