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Our Identification

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Due to identity only we can be recognized among others in this world. It helps each and every people of the world to be recognized among others as who they are. Identification is not gained in a single day. A man without identity is simply worthless. Identification is a passport to be recognized among others in the world. Our identification is "Nepali" in the world due to the glorious history. We are recognised as the " Brave Gorkhas" in the World. This is also our identification.Some of the factors which have shaped our identity as Nepalese people are national, cultural, social, and religious factors. Besides, brave ancestors, we are also identified in the midst of the world as nepali due to kingship, national language, religious tolerance, national symbol, our unique tradition, our unique nature, birthplace of famous people, unique geographical features and unity in diversity.

We can also identify ourselves as being part of a nation. This enables us to share our joys when some athlete from the same nation wins a medal in the Olympics. If we did not identify ourselves as being a citizen of that nation, there would be no emotional connection to the achievements of individuals belonging to that nation or of the nation as a whole. Similarly, we would also be unable to share our grief when the nation is struck by a calamity and our fellow citizens perish.

We can also say that, identity is like a shadow which walks with us and often compared with soul as it never dies. There seems some people changing life to change identity but changing life never means changing identity. We have some of our typical identities as to introduce as Nepali. Some of them are explained below:

National Language


Our Country Nepal is rich in different colours of various languages. There are various people of different castes living in Nepal who speak different languages. Every community have its own mother tongue. There are more than 200 languages being spoken in Nepal. Whatever the language the people may speak, the principal, national and official language of Nepal is Nepali. It is also considered as the local languages because the local people of different communities communicate with each other in Nepali.Except Nepali the other languages spoken in Nepal are Maithili, Newari, Tharu etc. But all the governmental and official documents are presented in Nepali language. Nepali language has become one of our identities as we can express our thoughts and feelings through this language with the other people in the community. It has helped people to come closer and develop understanding among them. Language is like a thread and people are like flowers .So just as thread keeps the flowers together, language lings the people with one another.







Religious Identity


In our Nepal, people follow different religious. Among them are Hindu, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and others. The unique identity is religious tolerance. The different religious followers respect the value and principles of each others. Every people participate joyously in the festivals of different religious.








The major religious with the percentage of followers are given below:

S.N Religion Percentage
1. Hinduism 81.34%
2. Buddhism 9.04%
3. Islam 4.38%
4. Kirat 3.04%
5. Christianity 1.41%
6. Prakriti 0.46%
7. Bon 0.04%
8. Jainism 0.01%
9. Bahai 0.004%
10. Sikhism 0.002%

Source: National Census- 2068

Birth Place of Famous People


Our country Nepal has some world renowned people. During the pre-historic age, saints like Veda Vyasa, Valmiki, and Kanwa use to live there. Veda Vyasa had composed Mahabharat at Vyas Cave in Damauli. Valmiki also spent some time at Bhainsalotan in Nawalparasi and has composed Ramayan. Kanwa Rishi who bought up Shakuntala’s son Bharat and he ruled over it. Our country also is the birthplace of Gautam Buddha. Gautam Buddha was born in Lumbini. Gautam Buddha was the founder of Buddhism and preacher of peace and non-violence in the world. Tenzing was also one person who climb the first Mount Everest. Tenzing was born in Solukhumbhu district. Along with Tenzing Edmund Hillary of New Zealand also climbed it. King Tsrong Sang Gampo of Tibet who spread Buddhism and Nepali culture in Tibet and China. Similarly, Arniko, was the first Nepali artist and architect, who was sent to Tibet and China to built several Nepali structures there. Thus, there are number of people who are gained world-wide popularity in different areas, were born in Nepal. Nepal and all the Nepalese are proud of them.


Our Unique Nature


Nepal is a peace-loving country and it has signed many peace agreement with other countries. Our country take part in active roles in all international peace-keeping activities. We are the member of international organizations like UNO,NAM,SAARC etc.On the other hand, Nepali soldier are known as the world bravest, most courageous and boldest in war. Many other countries army consists of Nepali soldiers. India, Britain, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei etc prefer Nepali soldiers to others.Many brave soldier earned their reputation in the different wars of Nepal. Thus, on the other hand, our nation try to avoid wars and bring a peace in the country. So in this way, there are a number of element that gives our identity. We should move forward with our helping hands to preserve our nations and traditions which was established by our ancestors.




Gender Identity


Gender implies to women, men and transgender (TG). Even TG has various names as their local context or country to country. TG refers to female to men, men to female and Hijara. At the mean time, in Nepal the representative society called BDS (Blue Diamond Society) called LGBTI largely. It covers lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual and inter-sex persons, neither of whom falls under the categories of male and female. Nepal is a country where females are treated equally. Even there is constitutional provision not to treat females discriminating rather enforced to treat equally and even provided with quotes. Talking about Hindu Religion, females have been specially,valued and duly respected. For eg. goddess Laxmi, Sarasowoti, Kali etc.







The Brave Gorkhas


The name "Gurkha" comes from the hill town of Gorkha from which the Nepalese kingdom had expanded. The terms "Gurkha" and "Gorkhali" were synonymous with "Nepali", and derived from the hill town and district of Gorkha from which the Kingdom of Nepal.

"Better to die than be a coward" is the motto of the world-famous Nepalese Gurkha soldiers who are an integral part of the British Army. They still carry into battle their traditional weapon - an 18-inch long curved knife known as the kukri. We are also recognized as the Country of Brave Gorkhas. The former Indian Armey Chief of Staff Field Marshal Sam Manekshow, once stated that"If a man says he is not afraid of dying, he is either lying or is a Gurkha." Since, the Gurkhas have loyally fought for the British all over the world, receiving 13 Victoria Crosses between them. Gorkhali is our Identification.

  • Identity refers to the state of being identical or absolute sameness.
  • It helps everybody of the world to be recognized among others as who they are. 
  • A man without identity is simply worthless.
  • Identity is not gained in a Single day.

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  • A man without identity is simply ___________________ .

    all  the  above
  • Our Country Nepal is rich in different colours of various ___________________ .

  • Every people participate joyously in the festivals of different __________________ . 

  • ______________________ was the founder of Buddhism and preacher of peace and non-violence in the world.

    Gautam Buddha
  • _________________has various names as their local context or country to country. They  refers to female to men, men to female and Hijara.

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