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Human beings live in the society. We are social animals. We learn many things in our lives. The lifelong process of social learning that shapes and reshapes us throughout our life as a member of society is called socialization. Socialization is the process of social interaction through which people acquire personality and learn the way of life. It is the continuous process of social learning.

Socialization is the process of introducing someone to group membership and training them to be an effective group member. Let's take a simple example of Socialization. When the baby is born in the society. He learns the attitudes, values, and actions appropriate to individuals as members of a particular culture. It is mainly influenced by the immediate family and friends. For example if a child saw his or her mother expressing a discriminatory opinion about a minority group then that child may think this behavior is acceptable and could continue to have this opinion about minority. Socialization makes him responsible towards the society. It prepares him to fit in the group and to perform social roles. It enables a man to be adjusted to the new social order. Likewise, Boot camp is a way of socializing individuals to be effective members of an army platoon. Employee orientation and training is a way to socialize people to be effective organizational members.

A person learns to lead the patterns to lead a life in the society and to determine own roles and responsibility and also to recognize one another's position. It is a process of inducting the individual into the social world.

Elements of Socialization

Social interaction


A social interaction is an exchange between two or more individuals and is a building block of society. It is the process of exchanging views and ideas. This interaction brings people together and also polish the culture and tradition. Social interaction is all about talking, discussing certain issues, helping each other and co-operation. By interacting with one another, people design rules, institutions and systems within which they seek to live.



Language is the ability to acquire and use complex systems of communication, Language is a means to exchange views, ideas, thoughts etc. It is also a system for the expression of thoughts, feelings, etc, by the use of spoken sounds. It seems very difficult to train a person into social order and to hand over our culture and traditions. It is the best means to make one's perspective clear to other and vice-versa.

Cultures and traditions


Cultures and traditions are also key elements in the socialization process of a human being. Every society possesses certain cultures and traditions. If a person is born and gradually develops the personality as per the guidelines of established social cultures and traditions. So, the Nepali culture is different from the western culture in many ways as clothing, marriage customs, use of language etc. than the eastern people.

Love, sympathy, and cooperation


Love, sympathy, and co-operation are the important elements of Socialization. It leads to the Socialization of the human being. Development of positivity and constructive mind-set promotes love, sympathy, and cooperation. The positive attitude germinates cooperation environment and negative mentality obstructs, which make people selfish and isolate them from social life. So, there must be love, sympathy, cooperation trust etc. to socialize a person and make a perfect social being.

  • The general process of acquiring culture is referred as Socialization.
  • Socialization is important in the process of personality formation.
  • Socialization is the process by which the individual learns social behaviour and develops himself.
  • It is the  way through which society transmits its culture from generation to generation and maintains itself.

Questions and Answers

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  • The long process of social learning that shapes and reshapes us throughout our life as a member of society is called ____________

  • ____________are the elements of socialization.

    Social interaction
    Love sympathy and co-operation
  • ______________means to exchange one's views,ideas,throughs etc.

    Culture and traditions
    Love and sympathy
    Social interaction
  • ______________is a proess to exchange views and supports.

    Culture and tradition
    Love and sympathy
  • Development of positivity and constuctive mind-set promotes _________________

    Culture and tradition
    Social interaction
  • _________________are also the elements in the socialization process of a human being

    Social interaction
    Love,sympathy and co-operation
  • There should be _______to socialize a person and make a perfect social being.

  • ____________which make people selfish and isolate them from social life.

    negative mentality
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