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Elements of Good Society

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We live in the Society. There are several basic elements that most people would readily agree must be present in a good society. The Society have a number of elements. They are presented below:

  1. Simple life
    People must have a simple life to the best possible. The simple life is distinct from those others life style. It is such web of relationship in which people get a means of livelihood, entertainment, education, security, etc.
    The life of the people in the society keeps on changing. The nature of a society may change due to the influence of education and profession people adopt.

  2. Territory
    The territory is the identity of the people residing in the society, which even helps to strengthen bonds of affection and closeness.A certain area that's owned or under the control of someone is called a territory. People even get a chance to exchange the possible means and goods.

  3. We- feeling
    Society is based on we-feeling which refers to the feeling of belonging together. Human beings generally did not go around hurting others not so much because of rational thought but because we have that ‘fellow-feeling’ toward each other. People show eagerness in one another's happiness and sorrows. So, they participate in festivals and different cultures and traditions that obviously makes them identifiable.

  4. Natural birth and development
    As we know , after the evolution of human beings,we started living together to fulfill one another's needs. This gives birth to the society and it was the natural birth. Likewise, we feeling increased and social development goes at its own speed. Social development is all about the process of transformation.

  5. Specialized name
    Every society has a name. The name is given to show identity. Later people are identified with the name of society. Therefore, a particular name is kept to the society.

  6. Size
    Society doesn't have fixed size. It can be either big or small. There are not fixed parameters developed far in order to fix the shape, size and population of a society.

  7. Pride towards historical deeds
    The present is not possible without the past. So, every society is formed through historical backgrounds. The past event glories the present of the society. In our Society, there is a trend of past deeds of ancestors to make present fabulous and thrilling.

Essential elements of a good society

  1. Security

    Everyone, as a member of society, has the right to social security and is entitled to realization, through a national effort. Our society consists of social relations, customs laws etc. Such relations bring them together and also let them feel secured. People also show their eagerness towards individual, family and social security.

  2. Affinity
    Affinity is a natural liking for or attraction to a person, thing, idea, etc. When the family is responsible to the society. There may develop affinity among the people. As a result, people become more active. The active people give blood circulation to dynamism and development.

  3. Unity

    In the Society, a large group of people lived together in an organised way. People are united to tackle problems and conclude a way out. A society with the unity seems to be progressed. SO, there should be unity in the society.

  4. Responsibility
    The responsibilities make people matured and motivated to devote mind and hands towards development. Every member of a society should be responsible towards their personal as well as social responsibilities.

  5. Friendliness and Love
    Ther people of Society should be friendly and co-operative where love grows, extends, and ultimately helps to exchange mutual co-operation. We need our parents and family to grow up and society to be developed and use our capacity to the fullest. The people of good society treat people positively, help each other, love, respect, trust etc.

  6. Co- operation
    Co-operation plays a vital role in the Society. Co-operation refers to helping each other. People can not lead a happy and comfortable life without co-operation. It develops intimacy among people which enables people to stand together all the time.

  7. Obedience of rules and regulations
    Rules and regulations make people disciplined and more cultured. As a result, peoples' movements go towards positivity and construction which ultimately helps to develop. The people of society must follow certain rules and regulations.

  • A good society would treat every human being in the same way each of us would like to be treated.
  • If some people are idle while  others work too much, we do not have a good society.
  • People  would be free from intrusion into their private behaviour.
  • A good society cannot be grossly imbalanced.
  • A good society would encourage people to be truthful and deal with each other in an honest and straight forward.

Questions and Answers

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  • Elements of society refers to the basic characteristics of a ________

  • The likeness in the society ensures _______

  • .A certain area that's owned or under the control of someone is called a ____________

  • ____________ refers to helping each other. 

  •  People can not lead a happy and comfortable life without ______________

  • People show their eagerness towards ____________

  • The essential elements of good society is_____________

  • ____________are the possesses a number of elements

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Binod Subedi

1. Self-origin and development2. Collective sentiments3.common life4.Fixed territory5.permanency6.variable size or population of society etc

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Element of good society

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