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Social Problems

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Our society is not free of problems. The anti-social elements and our bad practices are the results of the existence of social problems. The problems created in the society through superstitions and an anti-social elements which create disturbances in the development of the society is known as social problems. Girl trafficking, drug abuse, alcohol consumption, untouchability. discrimination regarding gender, caste, etc. are some of the social problems prevalent in our society.

Social problems create conflict in the society as there is always a gap between rich and poor, so-called high caste and so called low caste. The drunkards create a problem in their family. Moreover, their uncontrolled activities may result in harm to the society. Thousands of young boys and girls fall in the bad habit of drug abuse. On one hand, they degrade their life and, on the other hand, the country loses its strong hands. The discrimination between male and female is also a great obstacle to development. Female are always limited within the four walls of the house. Neither they are given quality education right from the start nor they are made to involve in creative works.

Deuki System

It is mainly prevalent in the Far Western Development Region. In this tradition, the girls are offered to the gods and goddesses in temples in the hope of getting one's desires fulfilled. Those who don't have daughters buy the daughters of the poor parents. In this way, the girls become helpless and have to live a terrible life without getting married.

Dowry System

This system is mainly prevalent in the terai region of Nepal and slowly it is extending all over the country. The bride has to provide a lot of wealth which can be gold, land or cash to the bridegroom. If the dowry is not brought by the bride, she is tortured or burnt alive. Dowry may not be a big problem to the rich parents, but the poor parents cannot afford them. So, as a result, many women die because of not bringing dowry and the parents have to be beggars having a huge loan to pay.

Social problems are the result of our misconception, ignorance and illiteracy. Poverty and unemployment are also the major factors. Due to illiteracy, the people blindly follow their ancestor's work thinking that they are their tradition whether it is good or bad. Poverty is also a main problem. Poor women have to follow prostitution just to maintain their livelihood. Theft and robbery are also the cause of unemployment and poverty.Social problems are created by us. So, they can be put into end by us. We should be aware of the malpractices and make other aware as well. The government bodies like VDC and DDC are working to end social problems through mass awareness. Gambling is prohibited by the VDC and it encourages people to involve in creative works. Besides the government bodies, NGOs and INGOs are also working to abolish social problems. For example, Maiti Nepal is working to abolish girl trafficking. We need to cooperate with them and help in their mission to abolish the social evils.

  • Bad practice that hampers the smooth running of the society is known as Social problems.
  • Social problems create conflict in the society as there is always gap between people.
  • The problems created in the society through superstitions and an anti-social elements which create disturbances in the development of the society is known as social problems.

Questions and Answers

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There is a tradition of offering a girl child to the bad at a temple in the hill region of the far western development region. This custom is known as Deuki pratha. The parents offer their own child to the temple. Sometimes, the rich people buy a daughter of a poor family and offer her in the temple. There is a belief that these girls should not marry throughout their life.

The effects on social and economic life of such malpractices are:

  1. Discrimination among the communities, cultures, traditions, castes, religions, gender, etc.
  2. The backwardness of marginalized groups, conflicts, etc.
  3. Unhealthy of marginalized groups, conflicts, etc.
  4. Class-conflicts etc.

Dowry system is a practice of giving money or property on the marriage of a daughter. This is a social evil of our country. It is mainly common in Terai region. This system has affected our society very badly. This system has made fun of equality of women. Many daughters-in-laws and wives are physically and mentally tortured due to the lack of dowry. The bridegroom's side openly demands the dowry before the marriage. If the dowry is not as much as it was said, the groom sometimes leaves the marriage and puts the future of bride in the dark. It has been very difficult for the daughter's of poor parents to get married.
Dowry system can be removed by the following ways:

  1. Public awareness should be raised through different media.
  2. Girls should be sent to school equally as boys.
  3. Women should be given equal parental property rights.
  4. They should be given education and skill development training.
  5. Dowry system should be totally discouraged by the law.

As a social evil, the dowry system is a serious threat to the human being. It was all started by a human being and they are guilty because the social process of development is obstructed and disturbed. It is also a serious mental, economic torture and burden. This has resulted to the victimization of the death of the bride or their family members.
Laws have been formally made, but this problem has got a deep-rooted impact. It is expected that it takes a long time to bring change. Campaigns through street dramas, radio programmes, TV programmes have been made. Awareness programmes have been launched. This issue has been well discussed in the textbooks of schools and colleges. In my opinion, the law, which has been made should be implemented very well. Alternative ways of money generation in those affected areas should be made so that they don't be rigid enough to this act.

Deuki is one of the traditionally customized social evils found in the hilly region of Far Western development region. It is a threat to a modern age that hampers the social development. It has created the following problems:

  1. Women have been regarded as suppressed sex compelled to lose their rights.
  2. It has helped to promote prostitution indirectly.
  3. The Deuki have been seen as unfair and unequal social practice suppressing the poor by the rich family members of the society.
  4. Deuki women are ultimately transformed to live a back warded, downtrodden, sick life.

The money of property brought by women to her husband after marriage is termed as dowry. Most of the communities in the terai and partially in other parts of the country practice the system of providing the dowry to the bridegroom as demanded forcefully. Such activities relating to dowry system have some bad impacts on our society.
The social and economic effects in the society due to dowry system are presented below:

  1. Physical and mental torture given to the bride for the cause of not bringing enough dowries keeps the family despiteful and chaotic.
  2. The girls of a poor family may not be able to arrange their marriage due to lack of property to be given as dowry.
  3. Due to this system, people do not want to bear girl-child and have an abortion.
  4. People are compelled to use the deposited property in unproductive sectors so that economic development in the family is retorted.

Discrimination on the basis of gender, color, religion, location of inhabitation etc. is known as social inequality. Several problems like untouchability, gender discrimination, slavery arise due to social inequality. The problems arise due to social inequality can be solved through the following ways:

  1. Awareness programs in the areas where the problem has a greater effect.
  2. Implementation of the laws that are made in favour of low class, gender discriminated and economically poor people.
  3. Involvement of educated people in persuading others in street plays, combine fact, etc.

To improve the deplorable status of women in our society, the following steps should be taken: -

  1. Gender discrimination should be taken to an end and females should be made educated.
  2. Women should be given equal legal rights.

Keeping a woman in cowshed after the delivery of a child is prevalent in some parts of Nepal. It is impractical and inhumane act. During delivery and after it, a woman should be given proper care and nutritious food. Proper sanitation is required for such women. The infection on her health is caused and effects are seen on the baby’s living also. These all prove that such activity is an inhuman and too impractical act.

Due to the immoral and illegal activities of human beings various kinds of hazards are seen in the Nepalese society, which obstruct the progress of our society some of the social hazards are as follows:

  • Gender discrimination
  • Drug addiction
  • Girls trafficking
  • Breaking laws and orders
  • Corruption

The effective measures to solve the above mentioned social hazards are as follows:

  • Everyone should have interest to change human civilization by providing equal opportunity to both male and female in the society and discourage gender discrimination.
  • One should not be with the company of drug addiction.
  • People must be aware of the danger of girls trafficking.
  • Punishing socially to the law and order breakers.
  • A strict law against corruption should be made and put it into effect.

There are several social problems prevalent in the society, among them dowry custom is also one. It is the one custom which is deeply rooted in the society. Dowry means property or money given by her family to the bridge side when a daughter marries. There are many bad aspects of this custom some of them are as follows:

  • It is a serious social problem while hinders the progress of society.
  • The poor family cannot marry their daughters.
  • Status of females gets degraded in the society.
  • Parents seem undesirable to given birth of a daughter.

To solve this social problem, the following measures can be suggested.
  • Proper education should be provided to the people in society.
  • Mass awareness programs should be lamented to discourage this bad customs.
  • The provision of easy job opportunities should be made.
  • People who demand dowry should be discarded from the society.

The contributions of Village Development Committee are as follows:

  • They have prohibited gambling and are encouraging those indulged in it do constructive works.
  • They are launching mass awareness programs against girls trafficking
  • Making arrangement for the security of people tram theft and robbery etc.
  • Punish those who encourage social evils.

The above extract has been used here to denote about the social degradation. A society is a combination of people of various attitudes, thoughts, walks of life etc. It is normal that in any way there may certainly be some persons with negative instinct. Because of his moves, appearance, falsely guidance other people may get influenced. This enables in the formation of larger gangs. These later results, any unfavourable and unexpected social crimes. In this way, a decayed potato spoils other potatoes.

  • Which one of them is not a social evil?

    Drinking alcohol

    Girl trafficking

    Drug trafficking


  • Deuki system is mostly prevalent in ______.

    Far-Western Development Region

    Mid-Western Development Region

    Western Development Region

    Central Development Region

  • Social problem is not the result of ______.





  • Maiti Nepal is working for ______.

    senior citizen

    low class people

    disabled people


  • Dowry may not be a big problem to ______.

    upper caste people

    lower caste people

    upper class people

    lower class people

  • Which problem is created by anti-social elements?





  • Which problem is created by bad-customs?

  • What happens to girls who get tricked into going abroad for good job or marriage?

    They are sold to brothel.

    They become rich.

    They are dead.

    They live a good life.

  • Why do we follow bad customs such as dowry and deuki?

    It is legally required to do so
    It gives people great satisfaction and joy
    It profits people to do so
    No reason - we follow it blindly
  • What  is a Deuki Pratha ?

    A girl who does puja in temple
    A girl who is worshipped as God
    A girl who worshipped god.
    A girl who is offered to gods
  • Where is Deuki custom prevailing?

    Seti and Mahakali
    Mid-western region
  • What does dowry result for the girl's parents?

    It makes look as responsible parents
    It makes them rich
    It makes them poor or in debt
    It increases their social prestige
  • What is not a cause of bad customs?

    Social compulsion
    Natural disaster
    Blind faith in religion
  • What is one of the solutions to social evils?

    Moral education
    Distribute money to all
    Ask foreign aid
    Conduct a scientific experiment
  • Which does not contribute to end social evils?


    Rural Development Committee

    District Development Committee

    Village Development Committee

  • What is social evil?

    Activities that develop nation
    Activities that give us enjoyment
    Activities that harm the good social tradition
    Activities that increases quality of life
  • Why should we preserve our original culture?

    Because it is handed down by our parents

    because we have only one culture

    Because our culture is very fun

    Because our culture is our identity

  • What is the negative result of embracing foreign practices?

    People are not getting employment.

    Environment is getting polluted.

    Politicians are getting more corrupt.

    We are losing sense of hospitality to guests and respect to elde.

  • What is one of the solutions to social evils?

    Distribute money to all
    Conduct a scientific experiment
    Ask foreign aid
    Moral education
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