Note on Power Angle Characteristics of Cylindrical Rotor Synchronous Machine and Two Reaction Model of Salient Pole Machine.

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Power angle characteristics of cylindrical rotor synchronous machine:

Let us consider a synchronous machine connected to the infinite bus having a voltage of (Vt) also resistance Ra of machine neglected and only (Xs) is considered.

fig:Single line diagram
fig:Single line diagram
fig:Phasor diagrams
fig:Phasor diagrams

By solving the phasor diagrams.We can calculate;


This equation is known as phase angle equation of synchronous machine having cylindrical rotor.

fig:Graph showing maximum power
fig:Graph showing maximum power

fig:Generating & motoring mode
fig:Generating & motoring mode

The electrical power output for the salient pole machine is;


Which gives the total power developed due to salient pole machine.

  • The synchronous motor with salient pole but without field excitation or field winding is known as reluctance motor.
  • On deriving power angle characteristics of cylindrical rotor, Ra of the machine is neglected and Xs is only considered.

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