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Human resources are the people who work for the organisation. Human resources are the company department charged with finding, screening, recruiting and training job applicants, as well as administering employee benefits programs.

Figure: Human Resources Source:
Figure: Human Resources

'Human capital' is sometimes used synonymous with human resources, although human capital typically refers to a more narrow view (i.e., the knowledge the individuals embody and can contribute to an organisation). Likewise, other terms sometimes used include 'manpower', 'talent', 'labour', or simply 'people'. So, we can say that those people who are educated, trained, skilled, experienced, energetic, physically healthy and mentally active, well-mannered and dedicated to their work are called human resources.

Skilled manpower is essential for the development of a country because they can produce maximum with the limited available resources. Only skilled manpower can do their work perfectly. Only a farmer can harvest crops perfectly. Only a businessman can do his work perfectly. So, it is necessary to have the skilled manpower in different fields for the development of a country.

Figure: Human Resources
Figure: Human Resources

Nepal has not made enough development yet. It needs manpower such as farmer, doctor, pilot, journalist, engineer, mason, advocate, teacher, administrator etc. The important thing is how many skilled workers are required in a particular field. It is decided by the government. When it has been decided, the required number of manpower is produced by training them. Then they are appointed to perform the task in every field. Thus, the plan of development is carried out successfully.

But this does not happen in our country. The result is that the number of problems arises during the process. In some fields, the number of skilled workers is more than the actual requirement. Consequently, unemployment problem occurs. Similarly, lack of manpower is created in some other field. As a result, the development work is hindered. The number of unemployed people is increasing day by day. Most people receive the only general education. They do not acquire skills. Some educated persons think it beneath their dignity to do a particular work. It should be remembered that no job or occupation is inferior. Work needs to be worshipped. When we work with this mentality, our village, town, district and country will prosper.

  • The number of people working for an organization  is known as manpower.
  • Skilled manpower is a group of working people who are energetic, experienced, dedicated to their work.

Questions and Answers

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A human who is able to handle new tools and technology, deal with changing issue and remain self- dependent with enough family income is the skilled manpower.

Any four skilled manpower required for the development of the country are,

  1. Doctor
  2. Engineer
  3. Teacher
  4. Pilot

Everywhere in work, the need of skilled manpower is a common fact. Commercial, professional activities, business activities, depend on the skilled manpower whether they are technical or non-technical. These sorts of people have ideas, knowledge, system or a method which can highly accelerate the work ahead. Today is the period of competition, so this skilled manpower waits for non-give speedy progress to their respective works. So, qualified people are highly preferred and accepted everywhere than the non-qualified ones.

Obviously, skilled manpower gives a positive change in the functioning and advancement of the work. It is the need of time which our government has well realised as a fact. We have faced various problems due to the lack of skilled manpower. So our government should have the following long-term policies to produce the skilled manpower:

  1. Implementing the development of vocational subject as per people's desire and interest from the school level
  2. Several recognise institutions should be established to train and educate people in various sectors.
  3. The government should coordinate with the private sectors to create job opportunities.
  4. The CTEVT should try to make more dynamic, strong and expanded approach for all common people.
  5. The trend of going abroad after being trained should be encouraged and should be utilised here.

We can develop the manpower by following ways-

  1. The policy of the government should always be positive and well- implemented.
  2. The training and promotional activities should be launched systematically.
  3. The uneducated people of the rural areas of the people should be addressed, appealed and preferred for these kinds of the development scheme.
  4. There should be an assurance of utilization of human resources.

  • The number of people working or available for work is known as ______.





  • Which of the following is not a skilled manpower?





  • Which manpower have been always used in your school?





  • What type of manpower does not contribute directly to development?

  • What results in development?

    Resources must be available.

    Government has to make policy.

    People have to do different kinds of work.

    Foreign aid must be given.

  • How is man-power produced?

    By government appointment

    By a factory

    By democratic election

    By education and training of people

  • Which manpower are we lacking?

    Doctors and Engineers
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