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We had an enormous apple tree in our garden only a few yards from the kitchen window. "We really must cut that tree down," my husband said soon after we moved into the house. "I'm sure it's dangerous, "he said, "don't be silly," I said, I quite liked the tree myself. "It's quite safe it's not going to fall down on the house".

"Well, I read something in the paper only the other day". He said "A tree crashed into a woman's bedroom during a storm. She was going to get rid of the tree and now she's in the hospital".

In the end after several arguments of this kind, we asked a couple of workmen to come along and cut the tree down. It was not an easy job. In fact, it took them all morning. But at last, the tree was lying on the ground. "What about the roots"? The men asked", "Shall we take them out too or leave them." "Oh, take them out," I said,"Let's make a good job of it." This took all afternoon but I was beginning to think about the size of the pit; there was also a big hole in the garden. "You'll be able to put all your old rubbish in there!" the men said as they left.

My husband climbed down into the hole and began to look around. "Hey look!" he called up to me. "There are some old coins here! And, think they are gold!" he called up to me. I climbed down into the hole and we started to dig around, hoping to find some more coins. We did and also found a small metal box. We broke it open. It was full of jewellery-rings, necklaces and bracelets!


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The husband of the writer wants to get rid of the apple tree because he read something in the paper that "A tree crashed into a women's bedroom during a storm."

The workmen asked "What about the roots"? The men asked"."Shall we take them out too or leave them."

The writer becomes speechless at the end because they found old gold coins, jewellery rings, necklaces and bracelets.



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