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Algebraic Expresssion

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Factorization is the process of expressing the given algebraic expression as the product of two or more algebraic expression or terms. For example, 2x+5x2  = x(2 + 5x) can be expressed as the product of x and 2 +5x.i.e 2x+52 = x(2 + 5x).When an algebraic expression is the product of two or more expressions, each of these expressions is called a factor of a given expression.In the above examples, x and 2x+5x are the factors of 2x+5x2.

Factorization of the expression of the form a2-b2

(i) Take a square piece of paper with one side 'a' unit whose area becomes as sq.units.

(ii) In one of the corners of the square, cut off a small square of side 'b' units. The area of this small squares is so units.

(iii) Let's cut a2-b2 diagonally as shown in the figure.


(iv) Arrange two parts to make a rectangle.

Length of the rectangle = (a+b) units

Breagth of the rectangle = (a-b)

Now, area of the rectangle = length × breadth

= (a+b)(a-b)

= a2-b2

∴ Area of rectangle = (a2-b2) sq.unit

∴ a2-b2 = (a+b)(a-b)

Some useful formula

  • (a+b)= a2+2ab+b2 or (a+b)2+4ab
  • (a-b)2 = a2-2ab+b2 or, (a+b)2-4ab
  • a2-b= (a+b)(a-b)
  • a2+b2 = (a+b)2-2ab or, (a-b)2+2ab

Questions and Answers

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= 4x2(4x2-1)

= 4x2{(2x2)(1)2}

=4x2(2x+1)(2x-1) Ans.


= 3x(x2-16)

= 3x(x2-42)

=3x(x+4)(x-4) Ans.

Soln: a4-b4



=(a2+b2)(a+b)(a-b) Ans.




= (y+3)(y-1)Ans.


= 62-(x+5)2


=(11+x)(1-x) Ans.


= (a+b)2-c2

=(a+b+c)(a+b-c) Ans.

Soln: m2+n2-2mn-p2


=(m -n)2-p2

= (m-n+p)(m-n-p) Ans.


= ab2-ab+bc-c

= ab(b-1) +c (b-1)

= (b-1)(ab+c) Ans.


= x2-y2-2(x+y)

= (x+y)(x-y)-2(x+y)

=(x+y)(x-y-2) Ans.


= (32+28)(32-28)

= 60 ×4

= 240 Ans.

Soln:(51)2 -(49)2

= (51+49)(51-49)

= 100× 2

= 200 Ans.

Soln: (101)2-(99)2

= (101+99)(101-99)

= 200 × 2

=400 Ans.



=(7.9 +2.1)(7.9-2.1)

= 10.0 × 5.8

= 58 Ans

Soln: 4x2+9x+5

= 4x2+5x +4x+5

= 4x2+5x+4x+5

= x(4x+5)+1(4x+5)

=(x+1)(4x+5) Ans.


= 4x2-10x -2x+5

= 2x(2x-5)-1(2x-5)

=(2x-1)(2x-5) Ans.






=(p2+2p+2)(p2-2p+2) Ans.






=(a2+2a+2)(a2-2a+2) Ans.

  • x2-y2-ax+ay





  • a2+6ab-c2-6bc

    (a-c) (a+6b+c)

    (a-b) (a+6b+c)

    (a+c) (a+6b+c)

    (a+6b) (a+6b+c)

  • a2-2a-2b-b2

    (a+b) (a-a-2)

    (a+b) (a-b+2)

    (a-b) (a-b-2)

    (a+b) (a-b-2)

  • a2-2a-2b-b2

    (a+b) (a-b-2)

    (a-b) (a-b-2)

    (a+b) (a-a-2)

    (a+b) (a-b+2)

  • b2-ab+a2-ab

    (a+b) (a-b)

    (a-b) (a+b)

    (a+b) (a+b)

    (a-b) (a-b)

  • x3-x2-x+1

    (x-1) (x+1) (x+1)

    (x-2) (x-1) (x+1)

    (x-1) (x-1) (x+1)

    (x-1) (x-1) (x+3)

  • 8-36x-2x2+9x3

    (x-2) (x-2) (9x-2)

    (x-2) (x+2) (9x+2)

    (x-2) (x+2) (9x-2)

    (x+2) (x+2) (9x-2)

  • a4+a2+1

    (a3+a+1) (a2-a+1)

    (a2+a+1) (a2-a+1)

    (a2+a+2) (a2-a+1)

    (a2+a-1) (a2-a+1)

  • m4+m2+1

    (m2+m-1) (m2-m+1)

    (m2+m+1) (m2-m-1)

    (m2+m+1) (m2-m+2)

    (m2+m+1) (m2-m+1)

  • 4x2-y2+2y-1

    (2x+y-1) (2x-y-1)

    (2x+y-1) (3x-y+1)

    (2x+y-1) (2x-y+1)

    (2x+y+1) (2x-y+1)

  • 9a2-4b2+6a+1

    (3a+2b+1) (3a-2b-1)

    (3a+2b+1) (3a-2b+1)

    (3a+2b+1) (4a-2b+1)

    (3a+2b+1) (3a+2b+1)

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