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Application Writing

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Application Writing [2]

Formal Letter Application


  • Address (left side, small to large)
    Mitrapark, Kathmandu
  • Date (7th January, 2007/ January 7, 2007/ 2007.01.07/ 2007/01/07)
  • Addressing (The Director, The Principal or The Advertiser)
  • Address of whom we address
    Kathmandu Int’l School, Mitrapark, Kathmandu
  • Re’ (about) Application for English Teacher
  • Salutation
    Dear Sir, Sir
  • Body
    - Source of vacancy date, post for application
    - Applicant’s age, qualification, experience, training
    - Reference (any two) eg. The Principal KINS – 4481101
    - Concluding Remarks eg. I look forward to hearing you soon.
  • Valediction
    - Yours Faithfully
    - Yours Sincerely
  • Name of the applicant and signature

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