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Letter Writing

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Letter Writing [1]

Personal Letter: Relatives, friend and a letter regarding personal and social activities.

Formal Letter: Unfamiliar person, application, a letter to the editor.

Business Letter: One businessman to another.

Parts of Letter

Address: (small to bigger, left side)

Daksinamurti Marg,

Mitrapark, Kathmandu


Date: (left side)

20th November/ Nov 20th 2006/ Nov 20, 2006/ 20/11/2006/ 20.11.2006

Salutation: Whom you write

Eg. My dear father, Dear father

Body: Minimum into 3 paragraphs

1st paragraph: Why, how, within a couple of sentence

2nd paragraph: Details of your letter

3rd paragraph: sum up: once again emphasize your main views

Valediction: Farewell word

Eg. Yours obediently

Signature: Name of the writer




How to make a good letter?

  • Write a letter according to a given format.
  • Use simple words and short sentences.
  • Sentences must be grammatically correct.
  • No spelling mistake.
  • Proper way of presentation.
  • While writing a letter, one has to think he/she is not writing in the exam hall but to the concerned person.
  • The writer has to write his/her clear views.
  • Unnecessary thing which is not concerned with the letter mustn’t be written.
  • Use polite words and never accuse others.

How to write valediction?

Love, With Love, Yours Ever Loving, Your Loving Son, Yours Lovingly, Yours Sincerely, Sincerely Yours, Your Sincere Friend.

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