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Superstitions are neither scientific nor general truth. Yet, they are noted in our culture but it is followed in our society blindly. It is the evil of our society which only hinders the development of our society.

Superstitions have done immense damage to mankind. There are many blind beliefs which are harmful, deadly and disadvantageous. It’s woman’s belief that a black cat crossing the road is believed to be ill- ominous; no matter how many times a journey is postponed. If people see a woman or girl carrying an empty vessel, it is considered as bad luck.

Widows are taken as witches and people think that girls shouldn’t be educated and should be married soon. Even educated people practice superstitions. Certain numbers are considered unlucky. Many leaders, politician’s etc. believe in fortune and they are seen harboring our evil thoughts.

Are we influenced by superstitions? Obviously not. Are we not fooling ourselves by believing in faith- the silly thing? Of course, yes. How can we get rid of superstitions? It is by awareness. Let us realize that we live in modern world and let’s make sincere efforts to be reasonable, wise and educated for that purpose. Let educated people lead from front and other ordinary people will certainly follow them.

Superstition is the evil of society. Those people who avoid hard work and their sincere efforts are fond of such things, it hinders progress. So, we should avoid it.

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