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Scientific Discoveries Use and Misuse

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Scientific Discoveries Use and Misuse

Today what is seen is only imagined by science and we are able to live proudly in the 21st century. The scientific discoveries have done miracles in the different aspects of human lives.

Today due to science and its discoveries our work is being made easier and more comfortable. Due to scientific equipments we can do a lot of work at no time. Scientific equipments are used in different fields like health, education, transportation etc. All the discoveries which are used are the gifts of science. Without scientific discoveries, we cannot progress and a country cannot progress at all.

Each and every thing is based on the discoveries of science. Due to science we can get different entertainments like various types of songs and music. We are able to watch live telecast of world events which is held in different parts of the world by just sitting at a corner in front of TV screen.

Electricity is a miracle. It changes dark night into clear days. It helps to run industries and different machines. It helps to conserve environment and to control pollution. It has given valuable gifts in the field of medical and surgery. Nowadays any part of human body is not hidden from medical science. Computer is another boon of science which makes things easy.

Finally, science has created a large number of weapons like: gun, bombs etc. Those things must be removed from the earth to safe guard human beings. It is science which helps us to raise our living standard. It is science which has converted the world into a small family. Due to discoveries of science we have been progressing day by day.

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