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Religious Tolerance

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Religious Tolerance

Religion must be originated to serve mankind. There are many religions in the world. But religious harmony is exercised where people of different religion share mutual understandings and avoids committing religious violence.

In religious tolerance people work together by respecting each other’s religion. It is matter of fact that each religion has its own importance. And there are social norms and values in the world to live in peace and prosperity. But people are intolerant of other religions and lots of blood has already shaded in the name of religion. As a result people are after the blood of others in the world.

Why do we fight? What do you achieve by killing so many lives? If we want to rule over other religions, we will only insult God because God says, “All religions are originated from me and end on me.”

A beautiful society cannot be imagined without it. It guides and helps people to live together for the progress of mankind. Without it, we cannot accelerate development of the country. We will always live in scarcity and hunger. It is against humanity, peace and progress.

At religious preaching, peace and harmony, people’s welfare, love, respect is taught but we forget ‘Universal Brotherhood’. It’s high time to understand religious tolerance. To live peacefully without harming, others should be highly respected. In religious tolerance, we observe one’s religion without disturbing others.

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