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My Village

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My Village

Nepal is a country with three geographical regions like: terai, mountain and hill. My village lies in terai. 48% of people live in terai. I also live in a small village in Siraha of Sagarmatha zone. My village’s name is Lahan where 1000 families live together. I’m not like others who is attracted by temporary phenomenon of the town but I like my village very much.

My village is situated near Rajbiraj which is in Sagarmatha zone. It is situated near Belka jungle. It is said that before 200 years, there was no sign of living but now half part of the area is covered with human settlement. In my village, two rivers flow towards the south. They are the Bagmati and the Karnali. By the help of these rivers, farms are irrigated and farmers grow crops. Most houses are built with straw, bamboo, clay etc. It has introduced planned schemes so that wide road can be seen here. We have beautiful scene and scenery. Mango, lichee, jackfruit trees can be seen in plenty of numbers. It looks like heaven in a small plot of land.

My village has many facilities like two high school, one college, health post and small market area. 90% people are literate in the village. They are involved in different occupation but most of the people are involved in agriculture. If electricity, pipe water and transport facilities are available, it will be lovely place for everyone.

In my village people are divided into different castes but all they live in peace and harmony. Muslims and Hindus both celebrate Dashain and Id. This is a unique character of my village. All the people help each other for the unity of the village and to preserve the culture of the nation.

Finally, after my higher education, I would go to my village to serve poor, helpless people because I like it very much.

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