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My Aim in Life

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My Aim in Life

Man is a social animal. It is believed that “Man is Super Crown Creature of the creation.” It’s believed aim is set for our bright career that keeps a certain target to be fulfilled. It is said; ship without anchor and aim without life is useless.

Every person has a certain aim in his life and should be fulfilled to make future bright. Without aim and plan, nothing can be successful. One has to fix clearly one’s target. Only being overambitious doesn’t help to achieve one’s target. One has to work hard for fulfillment of one’s goal. Our labor, sincerity and devotion should be rightly directed. It’s only the outcome of hard work of any one’s which finally, enables to get achievement.

As a true and responsible citizen of the country, I have thought to serve the nation as my aim of life. To be called oneself as a good citizen everyone has to take part actively in serving the nation. One can serve the nation in many ways. Nation can be served by being a doctor, politician, tailor, butcher, etc. To relieve one’s country from pain is duty of everyone.

I have chosen to be a doctor and serve humanity as my aim of life. Our country Nepal is very poor where people are dying of diseases that seem to be common. Many people have to lose their life by being victim of many diseases. There are many remote villages in our city where people aren’t even getting facilities of small health care. The inhabitants of such outlying areas have not even seen the face of a doctor.

The man is considered to have a sensitive body that is very sensible towards the diseases. Medicines are very necessary to be free from diseases as well as to make their body fit. Being a doctor one can serve the society, nation and the whole mankind because only a healthy person can serve and help to uplift the country.

It is good to lead one’s life foe own self but to lead one’s life for others is the best of all virtues. Doctor is a profession which is full of respect and services. It provides self commitment to ne who has accepted it. It is a job which does not only help to be self-reliant but equally helps one to be self helpful. Hence, at last, doctor’s profession is the best one to be my aim of life.

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Spelling error It provides self commitment to ne who has accepted it.

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