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Influence of TV

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Influence of T.V

Television is compound word of ‘tele’ and ‘vision’. Tele means distant and vision means sight. TV is a scientific achievement where we see talking, playing, singing etc. image in distant. The credit goes to Barid who discovered such a marvelous discovery to serve the mankind.

TV has two sides of coin. In one side there are various programs through which people are benefitted. In second side it has some bad effects which try to influence the attitude, behavior of man. Its positive influence can be discussed below:

  1. It has educational influence. It telecasts different programs on education to educate people. It provides scientific, agricultural etc. education. It gives information about trading people can apply knowledge in agriculture, industry and so on. There are many programs which help to gain knowledge and remove ignorance.
  2. It gives day to day information what is going to happen around the world. It makes us informative. We can be informative about political, cultural etc. happening of the world.
  3. It helps us to be healthy because in healthy mind only the future generation depends. Various games, yoga etc. always drive our attention to make us healthy.
  4. It has bad influences too. Due to various channels and programs, people especially children watch television. People are seen preferring to watching television to playing games, walking, making friends, doing homework, reading books. Video games, cartoons are very popular among children. It wastes their times, affects studies and also affects eye sight.

Finally, television is watched on or given time then it can play an important role in the society. It is the revolutionary achievement in the field of communication. So television can be our need not luxury and helps us to lead a happy and moral life.

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