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Importance of Cottage Industry in Nepal

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Importance of Cottage Industry in Nepal

An industry based on local resources having less skilled manpower and investment is below 500000 is known as cottage industry.

Cottage industry can be categorized like poultry farming, fishery, hatchery, carpet industry and so on. In cottage industry, bamboo, cane work can also be included.

It is very important because it generates employment, helps to use local resources, helps to generate income, supplies resources to small and large scale industries and helps to raise the living standard of the people.

A country like Nepal, where there is less capital, skilled manpower, less developed science and technology, less skill, a cottage industry can be suitable to run. It brings the foundation for economic development of a country. It ultimately leads towards economic prosperity.

Finally, cottage industry is very important and it should be given priority. Undoubtedly, cottage industry can be proved a plinth to erect the multistory building of Nepalese economy.

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