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Female Education

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Female Education

The history of progress of human race is the history of education. Hence, it is necessary for every person, man or woman to be educated equally. Females occupy half of the population and they should be educated at any cost.

Female, being an important part of human society, should be given equal rights, but it is only exercised by male in our society. Female education has been emphasized even by a great person like Napoleon Bonaparte of France. He said, “The progress of motherland is impossible without trained and educated mothers.” The literacy of women in any country ultimately helps to fall behind of development and progress of female as well as society.

A woman serves nation by playing 3 distinct roles in course of her life. A girl serves as a daughter, mother and sister. A girl who performs all her duties turns into a perfect woman one day. A man having an educated wife can share his thoughts with her and seek her advice when he finds himself in trouble. He can spend his leisure time as a good company. Educated women will be a good friend, a clever nurse, a useful adviser and true mate. A mother can make an impression in the mind of her child to grow into a good citizen of a company.

But in our society, females are deprived from their fundamental rights; they are confined at the periphery of home where they spend life to rear children. People are against their education, freedom, equality and women empowerment. But without their proper education, human beings cannot be progressed.

Thus, female brings an inseparable part of bright career for the whole mankind and she can help any society to progress in right direction. So, female education is very important for mankind.

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