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A visit to a Historical Place

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A Visit to a Historical Place

Places are important for different reasons. Some are important for history, some for religion and some for cultural heritage. Bhaktapur Durbar Square, which lies in Bhaktapur district, is very important from historical point of view as well as religious and industrial. A few months ago our bus drove towards Bhaktapur and stopped near Durbar Square. An educational tour was managed by our school and I got an opportunity to visit such a historical place.

We visited first of all palace, Durbar Square where we watched many temples but specially national art gallery. We quenched our thirst of knowledge seeing art, picture and sculpture of 55 windows and inscription of different things of different periods. The palace is built by Bhupatindra Malla and inside the palace there were many courtyards, temples and monuments. The famous temple of Taleju was there. Anyone can be impressed with the beautiful art and architecture of the palace. When we were inside the palace, we saw some hole in the wall and our guide, madam Runce, explained that the hole was made by a bullet when there was a fight between Ranjit Malla and P.N. Shah. During our visit we saw the famous temple, Nyatapol. It is a three storyed temple. We visited Dattatreya and around the city. The lanes and streets were very clean. Most of the inhabitants of city were found helpful. Garbages from school, campus, government offices, houses and some industries were managed properly. It was famous for preserving our historical art and culture and waste management.

Bhaktapur palace is famous as centre of typical Newari architecture with various culture and religious values. The Malla Palace is wonderful model of the Nepalese art and architecture. The different temples are needed to be renovated. Every thousands of foreign tourists pay visit to observe its art, cultures and architecture. So, it should be made for attractive to attract them.

Finally, I’m proud of visiting such a historical place. Nowadays municipality government is also paying attention to develop the city and to preserve glory of our past. If I got opportunity, I would like to visit again and again to such a historical place.

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