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North America: Social and Economic Activities

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Canada is the 2nd largest country in the world. Most of the native people live in the Northern part of Canada and are called Eskimos and Inuit. Besides, there are people who have migrated from Britain and France and other Asian countries. Nowadays, many people from Asia and other continents have migrated and settled down in Canada. Most of the people of this country live in towns and cities. The per capital income of this country is more than $19,000.

Economic activities:

Forest Work:

49% of total land of Canada is covered with forest. Pulp factories are run from the raw-materials available from the soft coniferous woods. Logs are flowed down the rivers to the saw mills. The forest provides valuable timber from which wood, pulp, paper and newsprint are manufactured. Canada has been benefited from the forest to a great extent. It also provides various medicinal herbs.


Fishing is mainly done along the coastal regions around the island around of New found land and the Western coast of Canada.

Mineral Resources:

Canada is rich in minerals. There are many minerals based industries. The important minerals are Copper, Zinc, Nickel, Gold, Sulphur, Silver, Magnesium, Iron, Lead, etc. It also produces coal, petroleum and natural gas.

Commercial Farming:

Canada is the largest country to export wheat in the world. The people of this country use big ships to export wheat to other countries. Mostly, wheat is produced in Prairies. Eastern and Western part of Canada are favorable for growing potatoes and fruits (especially apples) respectively. Cattle and sheep also are reared for meat, milk and wool.



United States of America (USA)

The USA is one of the most developed countries in the North America. It is the country where people from different continents come and the population has been increasing. About 12% of its total population is of African American Descent. It is believed that the black people from Africa were originally brought in the USA as slaves to work as agricultural laborer many years ago.

Economic Activities:


The USA is the world's second largest country of producer of coal, oil and natural gas. Petrol, Gold, Lead, Sulphur, Coal, Silver, Zinc, Iron, Copper, Magnesium, Nickel, etc. are found here. Mostly, petrol is abundantly found in Alaska. Oil and natural gas sent by pipelines from the producing centers to consuming centers is the symbol of well network of petroleum in the country.

Commercial Farming:

The USA produces all kinds of food crops and cash crops. Modern machines and tools are used for cultivation and harvesting and the other agricultural works. Scientific methods of agriculture are practiced.


The USA is a developed country because of its industrial development. It has developed a lot of industries based on agriculture, minerals and forest. The USA has huge numbers of large, medium and small scale industries which manufacture a huge amount of finished production.

Forest Work:

In the North-West part, it is concerned by economically useful forest. Forests here are conserved as national park to attract tourists. Forest is very important for medicinal herbs and other economical purposes.


  • The people living in the North America are involved in different economic activities like Animal husbandry,Industries,Services, farming, Fishing etc.
  • The Physical Division of North America are The Western Mountains (The Cordilleras), The Central Plains (Prairies) and The Eastern Plateaus (Highland).

Questions and Answers

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The center of the North America continent from mid- Canada southwards are grasslands called parries. These areas are very flat, cold in winter, hot in summer too dry for trees. They are mow, used as the vast area for wheat and maize growing and for cattle rearing. Parries are suitable for using modern machines, fertilizer and technology. Extensive wheat farming is possible with the help of irrigation: canal irrigation or helicopter irrigation. So, wheat is produced in large amounts in Canada.

The types of agricultural practices in the USA are extensive and intensive. The items of production of the USA are as follows:

  1. Rice, sugarcane and cotton are grown in the south-east gulfs.
  2. Peanuts, fruits, tobacco and sugarcane are grown in the east coast and Appalachians.
  3. Cattle and pigs are kept and reared around the great lakes.
  4. Maize, wheat and soybeans are grown in the whole central area.
  5. Fruits like orange and grapes are grown in the south east and west.
  6. Sheeps are reared in the west.
  7. Pulp and paper factories run in North western part.
  8. Several manufacturing industries are running in the USA.
  9. Fishing has been well developed in the north eastern seas.

There are several reasons behind the development of this continent. They are as follows:

  1. It is surrounded by oceans on all sides so that there is no hindrance to import and export.
  2. It has suitable climate to human beings resulting in people being healthy and creative.
  3. It has a variety of natural resources that have been utilized to the fullest extent.
  4. It has innovative, dynamic, energetic, goal-oriented and determined human resource which utilizes everything available.

  • The Rocky mountain chain is located in

    western part of North America
    eastern part of North America
    northern part of North America
    southern part of North America
  • The per capita income of Canada is more than

    50000 dollars
    75000 dollars
    29000 dollars
    19000 dollars
  • The second largest country of the world is

  • Which country produces large number of wheat ?

  • Eastern Highlands of North America is also known as

    Great Californian Plain
    Great Missouri Plain
    Great Mediteranean Plain
    Great Mississippi Plain
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