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What is cyber law?

The law which governs the legal issuses in the cyber space regarding the internet or www for digital processing and transaction is called cyber law.

Write the importance of cyber law.

The importance of cyber law is that it controls cyber crime and misuse of computer. It also touches almost all aspects of transaction and activities on the cyber space

What is cyber space?

A virtual space created by computer network, internet and telecommunication is called cyber space.

What are the major laws included in cyber law?

The major laws included in cyber law are:-

  1. Electronic and digital signature law
  2. Computer crime / cyber crime
  3. Intellectual property law
  4. Data protection and privacy law
  5. Telecommunication law

why is cyber law needed?

Cyber law is needed to legalize the transaction through electronic media to control various types of electronic frauds and to punish a person who does criminal activities through electronic means especially on computers.

What is cyber crime?

Cyber crime is an illegal action in any computer system or over all computer networks like internet.

What is digital signature?

Digital signature is a security mechanism used on the internet for data and information transaction by attaching a code at the end of the electronic message that attests the authenticity of sent message.

Write the importance of digital signature?

The importance of digital signature is that it provides legal framework to facilitate and safegaurd electronic transaction media.

What is comouter ethics?

Computer ethics is the set of moral principle or code of conducts that should be followed by computer user.

Define encryption and decryption?

The process of encoding (scrambling) information in such way that is unreadable to all is encryption.

The process of restoring encrypted data to its original form is decryption.

What is hacking?

Comp.hacking means stealing and destroying other data, information, files and program.

List some commandments of computer ethics?

Some important commandments of computer are:-

  1. Not to use computer to harm other people.
  2. Not to search the files or records

of other people

  1. Not to destroy steal and use other computer password
  2. Not to destroy, erase or edit personal or groups record
  3. Not use computer to steal.

Computer security

What is computer security?

The security given to the computer for

the protection of hardware, software and data from being lost or damaged due to accidental or intentional harm

what is hardware security?

The security given to the various hardware tools or equipment from being lost or damaged due to accidental or intentional harm

list some of the hardware security measures.

Some of the hardware security measures are:-

  • Insurance policy
  • regular maintenance
  • power regulator device
  • fire detectors

protection from theft

what is software security?

The security given to the software and data from being lost or damaged due to accidental or intentional harm.

List some of the software security measures?

  • Backup
  • scandisk
  • defragmentation


what is voltage regulator device? Give example.

Voltage regulator device is an electronic regulator device designed to automatically maintain a constant voltage level.

Why is power protection device needed in a computer system?

Power protection device is needed in a computer system to protect the computer system from damage and expensive data loss.

What is UPS?

Ups is a devicr that allows computer to keep running for at least a short time when the primary power source is lost. It provides continous power supply to the computer system and protects them from power surge and voltage fluctuation.

What is password?

Password is a secret word or phrase that gives user access to particular program or system.

What should be done to protect the system from unauthorized access?

To protect system from unauthorized access, password should be be kept in a system which provides security to the system. A person should be difficult to guess and determine and should be changed regularly and memorized.

what is backup?

Backup is a copy of a file which is used in the event of the original file being corrupted.

why is backup vital to computer system?

Backup is essential to computer security to save the important data and programs from accidental an intentional harm. They are stored in different storage device like hard disks, CDs and pen drives. When the data and software gets lost or damaged the backup system helps to recover the lost or damaged data or software from the backup copy of data and software. ( inorder to save the data from being lost or damaged due to accidental or intentional harm. When data and software are lost we can easily recover through backup.)

how can software prevent data loss?

software prevents the data loss by the following ways :-

  1. Antivirus software can detect and remove virus from the computer.
  2. Scan disk checks folders, bad sectors and other error of the disk and fix them.
  • Software for backup helps in securing the information by keeping backup.

what is scan disk?

Scan disk is a process which involves in maintaining the disk files and folders, bad sectors, lost clusters, lost chains and other errors of the specific disk and it can fix them if it is possible.

What is defragmentation & fragmentation?

The process of re-writing parts of a file to continuous sector on a hard disk to increase the speed of access and retrieval.

The scattering of the parts of the same disk file over different location is called fragmentation.

What is password policy?

A set of rules designed to enhance computer system by encouraging user to employ strong password and use them properly is called password policy.

What is the importance of UPS in computer security system?

The importance of UPS in a computer security system is that it controls fluctuation of electric voltage and provides enough backup electric power to the computer system when there is power failure.

Write any 4 criteria for strong password?

Any 4 criteria for strong password are:-

  1. Do not keep password which can be easily guessed such as date of birth, nickname,etc.
  2. Do not keep word as password that is currently popular.
  • Keep password with the mixture of alphabet and numbers which is difficult to guess.
  1. Keep changing your password regularly.


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