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Office Assistant

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An office assistant is those people who work in the lower level position which performs routine jobs to assist the sectional chief and office chief in their daily official works. An office assistant performs their activities according to the direction of a sectional chief. An office assistant supports to implement plans and policies. Nayab, Subba, Kharidar, and Mukhiya are the offices assistances in the government offices. Similarly, assistant, accountant, receptionists, marketing assistance and the computer operator are the office assistance in the business office.

An office assistant is a clerical staff who does all the clerical work of an office. The following are the main functions and duties of office assistant:

  1. Preparing plans for daily works

    An office assistant needs to prepare plans for daily work to complete the official work effectively and conveniently. So, he must make routine plans giving priority to the most important and urgent works. When there is a proper plan for daily work then the official work can be completed at a right time and efficiently. Hence, it's a duty of an office assistant to prepare plans for daily works.

  2. Drafting and typing letters

    An office needs to draft different letters like inquiry letter, complaint letter, reply letter, quotation letter, invitation and as per the requirement and send it to the visitors and customers. So, an assistant must be able to draft a letter in a good manner following all qualities of a letter. An office assistant should draft a letter and then type it properly.
  3. Filing letters and documents

    An office contains many important letters and documents which might be needed at any time. So, the letters and documents should be filed properly. The filing is the process of preserving and arranging the documents systematically for future reference. It's a duty of an assistant to have a knowledge of filing and indexing.

  4. Handling telephone

    An office assistant should be able to handle the telephone call tactfully being polite and courteous. An office receives many calls in a day so it is a duty of an assistant to answer the call and give information. If it is necessary then he should transfer the call to his boss. Hence, it is a duty of an office assistant to handle the calls properly.

  5. Handling the Emails

    The emails which are received and send must be recorded in the entry and dispatch book. An office assistant should process and clear the email as per their requirement. The confidential and urgent letters should be presented to the concerned department by an assistant. An office assistant should be able to handle the emails.

  6. Reminding the chief

    All the important decisions and work are done by the chief. A chief is always busy in making plans, decision, traveling different places, attending and organizing many seminars and meeting. Due to a busy schedule, the chief may forget important events, meetings, appointments so the office assistant should be ready to remind him of time.

  7. Using machines

    Office uses different modern machines to make official work convenient and efficiently. So, an office assistant must be able to use new modern machines and should use machines for doing their official activities like calculator, telephone, computer, fax and so on.

  8. Preparing report

    There must be a record of all expenses, incomes, performances, progress of the office to measure the profit and loss and position of the office. So, the office assistant should prepare reports on daily activities of the office. The assistant should prepare the report and submit it to the office chief or concerned department.

  • Office assistant are those people who work in the lower level position.
  • Office assistant refers to a subordinate staff that performs routine jobs to assist the sectional chief and office chief in their daily official works. 
  • The office chief is always busy in preparing plans, making decisions, solving problems and attending meetings and seminars.

Very Short Questions

  • The formal educational degree which is awarded by schools or boards or universities is called ______.

    simply qualification


    academic qualification


  • Drafting letters means ______.

    copying letters

    sending letters

    writing letters

    reading letters

  • The process of collecting and preserving important letters and documents in a systematic manner for future reference is called ______.

    dispatching letters




  • While handling the telephone, the office assistant should be ______.





  • Office assistance should handle ______ properly.


    outgoing mails

    incoming mails

    all the options are correct

  • A junior office staff who is assigned a particular work in a particular section to assist the sectional chief carrying out the sectional activities is called ______.

    personal assistant


    sectional clerk


  • Which one of the office personnel should always be willing to pay attention and devote herself for the service and satisfaction of the visitors and customers?



    Sectional clerk

    Personal assistant

  • The private secretary who is to perform all the clerical functions on behalf of the chief is ______.


    personal assistant


    sectional clerk

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