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Solutions to Problems in Tourism

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The measures to solve the problems of tourism in our country are as follows:

i. The infrastructural development should be equally distributed in every tourism destinations to make the service accessible for the tourists who admire to visit there.

ii. Conservation of old and ancient cultural heritages sites should be done and they should be renovated in their own original style to attract the large number of tourists.

iii. The needed facilities as well as security should be provided in all the tourism destinations.

iv. Cleanliness program should be launched in those areas which have been polluted.

v. Publicity should be increased of the tourism destinations about the beautiful places of Nepal, so that there will be increment in the number of tourists.

vi. Internal conflicts should be stopped to encourage the tourists to come here.

vii. Number of entertainment facilities should be increased and made available in all tourism destinations.

viii. Goods required for tourists should be produced in the country using local materials.

ix. Banking facilities, marketing and other tourists center should be increased.

  • The infrastructural development should be equally distributed in every tourism destinations.
  • The number of tourists can be increased by conserving cultural and religious sites, launching cleanliness programs, minimizing internal conflict and providing facilities and security to them.
  • Banking facilities, marketing and other tourists center should be increased.
  • Publicity should be increased of the tourism destinations about the beautiful places of Nepal.

Very Short Questions

There is a growth in the number of tourist visiting Nepal because of the following reasons.

  • New plans and policies are brought into action for the development of the tourism sector.
  • Good communication and transportation facilities are developed together with other sectors for the comfort of tourist.
  • Attractive programs are being brought up by tourist enterprise.
  • Lots of advertising is going on in international fairs about the beautiful places and people of Nepal.
  • Efforts to improve the standard of the service are beings taken.
  • Even the private sectors are encouraged for the promotion and progress of the tourist industry.
  • Internet and other media are applied to make people of other countries aware that Nepal is a place for them to visit at least once in life time.

a. Assure security and provide available vehicles.
b. Prevent pollution, deforestation and cheating.
c. Give helicopter, Air balloons and others means of transportation to make it comfortable travel from place to place wherever there aren't other prominent means of transportation.
d. Attractive package for the tourist should be conducted.

After a long period of conflict and violence Nepal regained a satisfactory condition of peace. So, Nepal government decided to observe the year 2011 as 'Tourism Year'. Tourism is the only most potential sector for economic promotion and development in our country; it can merely not be successful just with declaration but needs strong role to be played. Such roles are:

a) To attract foreign tourist the international flight network of Nepal Airlines should be increased and managed.
b) Media network should be expanded worldwide to assure the foreigners that it is peaceful country, people are calm and friendly and it is naturally rich.
c) Tourist centers with trekking routes

There are many areas where there should be improvement in order to develop tourism like,

  • Make tourist centers free from pollution.
  • Improve the information system.
  • Proper care of floras and faunas.
  • More encouragement to the private sectors in operation of air services, hotel management, etc.
  • Improve transportation system.
  • Improve the condition of rivers, lakes, ponds etc.
  • Improve trekking routes.
  • Improve health quality
  • Improve security measures.
  • Improve the infrastructure at the tourist destinations.

I live in Nagarkot of Bhaktapur district. We can see the scenery of sun rise from this hill. This hill is also famous to see the scenery of Kathmandu valley and Panchkhal valley. If we develop it into a tourist center, many domestic and international tourists may come here.

It is our prime duty to provide as many facilities to the tourist as possible. The government, people involved in tourism and locals should give them a warm hospitality as well as provide following facilities:

  • Regular international flights.
  • Good internal transport and ticketing facilities.
  • Good communication.
  • Warm hospitality.
  • Delicious foods and drinks.

The ten necessary items required for tourists to stay in Nepal are:

  • Facilities of transportation
  • Food
  • Security
  • Proper sanitation
  • Means of communication
  • Restaurants
  • Entertainment
  • Hospitality
  • Guide with knowledge of translation

  • Which one of the steps should be followed to solve the problems related to tourism industry?

    Provisions must not be made to produce things necessary for tourism industry
    Good provision of transport and communication in tourism industry
    Nepal should not be introduced to the world
    Cultural and religious places must be destroyed
  • The development of tourism requires

    unity and co-operation
  • Tourism industry can be good source of

    foreign currency
    Panchasheel currency
    non-foreign currency
    Nepalese currency
  • The tourism sector should be declared as

    A zone of peace
    A zone of conflict
    A zone of war
    A zone of education
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