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Note on Quality of Life

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Quality of life means the degree of fulfillment if basic needs like food, clothes, housing, health education, as well as having satisfaction with physical psychological, emotional and spiritual needs.

Basic physiological needs

  • Food
  • Housing
  • Clothes
  • Health
  • Education
  • Sex, etc.

Social, cultural and other needs:

  • Education
  • Health
  • Employment
  • Human rights
  • Freedom
  • Security
  • Entertainment


Need and importance of quality of life from sociocultural aspect

  • It is important because it removes social perversions, evils, conservative and traditional thoughts, impartial social norms and values. Because of destructive notions and taboos, population is increasing.
  • It helps to take wise decision.
  • Women are educated.
  • It helps to get quality education to be capable, honest and skilled.
  • It helps to change the society with new ideas, planning, technology, etc.

Need and importance of quality of life from economic aspect:

  • Economic development is the backbone of national development.
  • It means to increase per-capita income.
  • It means to achieve quality of life.
  • It helps to provide nutrition, comfortable shelter, clothes, education, and skill based activities.
  • It fosters economic and skill based activities.


Elements of quality of life:

1. Nutritious food

An important element in quality of life is nutritious food which helps physical, mental and intellectual development in an individual. We need food for three purposes: (i) energy (ii) body-building and (iii) body-protection. A balanced diet is made up of at least one food from each group that makes our mind and body healthy. When we lack nutritious and balanced food, we lose physical and mental efficiency. So, every member of the family needs to have balanced diet regularly to maintain quality of life.


2. Family size

The size of a family affects qualityof life. In a big family, most of the income is spent in the fulfillment of basic requirements. The remaining is not enough for other needs like employment, security, entertainment, human right, freedom, transport and communication. Quality of life is adversely affected thus. This sort of barrier does not occur in a small family. So, a small family is better than a big family for quality of life. Parents in a small family can fulfill their responsibilities towards their children without much burden.


3. Health

Health is undoubtedly precious. Only healthy and skilled men can work hard to bring about development. So, the family's well being and the country's progress depend on healthy people. In fact, only physically and mentally healthy people can receive proper education and learn skill. Health is an indispensable element of life. Therefore, health must be acquired and promoted.

Sound health requires:

i) Balanced and nutritious diet
ii) Sufficient clean, pure and safe drinking water
iii) Clean and green environment
iv) Regular exercise and sound rest
v) Personal cleanliness and community sanitation
vi) Knowledge on, and facilities for, first aid and primary health care


4. Sanitation

Quality of life cannot be enhanced without sanitation. Individual cleanliness isn't enough though. Every important place like house, courtyard, garden, public well, pond, temple, street should be clean. Garbage should be dumped in a proper place far from the settlement. Sanitation keeps the environment pure and green.


5. Education

Education is important because it arises awareness and increases knowledge. The knowledge and skill that one gets from education can be used to improve the quality of life of the family. A well-educated man can easily get job or he can start his own enterprise. He is able to meet all possible family needs. Education contributes to quality of life.


6. Income of family

A family with low income finds it difficult to meet the requirements of life. The good income helps us achieve better economic status. So, efforts should be made to increase the income of the family. Capable women should do something like sewing, knitting, basket making in their leisure so that they can earn additional money to strengthen the economy of the family. This enhances quality of life.


7. Security

Security of life and property is essential to make a family happy. Wealth, education and health cannot give happiness if a person is in fear of danger. Every member of the family must feel secured and protected against fear, terror, threat, beating, robbery, cheating, theft and other social evils.


8. Saving

Saving is an important element of quality of life. Family saving is the sum of moneyor resources which remain spare after spending on different needs and necessities of the family. Saving is the outcome of the regular activity of economy. Our income or the resources are limited; so we must practise economy (being economic) for saving.


9. Housing

Housing is an essential basic need of a person. We need housing to be safe from heat, storm, rain, wildlife, criminals, etc. Houses must be appropriate according to the family members. If rooms and spaces are insufficient, the family members have to live congested. Communicable diseases easily spread in such circumstances. Similarly, the lack of ventilation, lighting, heating in the house also make our living unhealthy. If such situation is prevalent in our homes, the quality of life will be affected.


10. Socio-cultural values

Socio-cultural and religious factors also affect the quality of life. An individual's attitude is influenced by his social values. A couple may be happy with its baby girl whereas the other may not. Similarly, the prevalence of social discrimination, dowry system, alcohol, and extravagence in feasts and festivals also affect the quality of life.


11. Safe drinking water

Provision for safe drinking water is an important component of quality of life. People get sick due to the water borne diseases if water is polluted.


  • Quality Life means to fulfill basic needs like food, clothes, housing, health education, as well as to have satisfaction with physical and various needs.
  • Nutritious food, family size, health, sanitation, education, income of family, security and saving are the elements of quality of life.
  • Economic development is the backbone of national development.
  • Quality of life is important because it removes social perversion, evils, conservative and traditional thinking, impartial social norms and values. Because of wrong nation, population is increasing.

Very Short Questions

The degree of satisfaction in which one gets fulfillment of various aspects of human needs like physical, mental, emotional and spiritual ones is called quality of life.

Nutritious food is one of the physical measurements of quality life.

I want to do following things for maintaining quality of life:

  1. Make a good planning of family and
  2. Use available means and resources properly.

Process of creating an environment where women can have equal opportunities as men in all areas of the society is known as women empowerment.

The degree of satisfaction in which one gets fulfillment of various aspects of human needs like physical, mental, emotional and spiritual ones is called quality of life.Quality of life is a cornerstone of happiness and satisfaction. People can't get success and satisfaction unless they have quality life. To attain quality life, we need both basic as well as additional needs fulfilled. Quality life is necessary for getting pleasure, peace and satisfaction. Education is the light which leads human life on the right path.
In the past, people were uneducated. They did not have adequate knowledge on quality of life. They even took evil customs and traditions for granted. They had to do lots of manual works and they didn't get time to think about the quality of life. Now, most of the people are educated and are well known about the needs and importance of quality life. Their skills and knowledge on making, using scientific equipments too have enhanced their quality of life. People are well known about family planning methods. Rapid growth population of the country can be controlled by using planning methods by married couples.

For quality life, people need food, clothes, etc. Money is essential to fulfill these demands. When the sources of income of a man increase, he is able to manage nutritious food, easy and comfortable housing, seasonal cloths, health facility, etc. for his family members. He and his family will have quality life. To improve the economic condition of individual, family, society and the whole country, people should be involved in income generating activities. This uplifts the quality of life.

Every person deserves to lead a life of happiness and satisfaction (physical, mental and spiritual). The quality of life depends on conceptualizing the human needs in a new perspective and on making adequate provisions. It doesn't depend on the availability of resources unanimously but involves satisfaction and happiness. Even under the same set of condition, the quality of life may be perceived differently by people depending on their own degrees of satisfaction. Quality of life measures how much satisfaction one has achieved by utilizing the available resources.

Food is primary need of the family. To have quality of life, it is necessary to become healthy. Low quality of food affects the health of the people. For quality of life, nutritious food is necessary. Nutritious food helps in physical and mental development . Without balance and nutritious food, individual have to face the problem of malnutrition. Therefore, for quality of life, nutritious food is necessary.

Food, cloth, shelter, fresh air and water are the very basic needs of people to live. Besides these needs, education, health services, employment, security, transportation are the social and cultural needs. By the fulfillment of the needs, people can live in society get satisfaction. When the basic as well as social and cultural needs of people are fulfilled appropriately, people get satisfaction. The level of satisfaction determines the quality of life.

Quality of life is a quite complex phenomenon. There are various interpretations of quality of life. They are:

  1. Some people define the quality of life according to social, economical and cultural view.
  2. Some define it on the basis of individual priority and philosophy of life.
The standard of living, of course, is very important to one's quality of life. Some basic elements have affected the standard of living. As quality life depends on these elements and the way of receiving satisfaction, quality life differs from country to country because these elements are not the same in all situation and time.

Women need support in all of their varied roles. A range of actions involving better education and job opportunities, elimination of gender biases and improved access to quality reproductive health care are required to empower women. If they are empowered, they fully participate in social, economic and public life. If they are cultivated with family life education and other various knowledge, they can distinguish what is wrong and right. Women empowerment ensures equal voice of women in decision making as it leads them towards perfection and can give a good rationality.

The following are some factors of quality of life:

  1. Nutritious food
  2. Income
  3. Family size
  4. Security
  5. Education

Education: Education is considered as one of the greatest wealths of a person. It makes us conscious and skillful driving away our ignorance. It is needed in all the steps of our lifves. It brings awareness among family members about the importance of quality of life as well as the method of obtaining it. It makes us skilled and enables us to get good income. There is proper understanding and co-operation among educated members. They also understand the need and importance of good health, nutritious food, saving, and otherall essentials of quality life. In this way, education is considered as a key to quality life.

Quality life refers to the status of life of satisfaction achieved through the fulfillment of basic as well as additional needs. Quality life is important from socio-cultural aspects. In our society, there are various kinds of superstitious and traditional beliefs. Such values are responsible for low quality of life. These values are also responsible for population growth. When there is quality life, there is good education that removes superstitious beliefs. There is necessary modification and reformation in socio-cultural practices. When women also get education, she can participate in every work men do. They can also contribute in population control. They are aware about proper maternal and child health care.

  • Basic Need Oriented Approach was started in ______.

  • Which one of them is not a social and cultural need for quality of life?

    None of the options are correct

  • Decrease in living standard in the absence of basic needs as well as social, cultural, emotional, etc. is ______.

    none of the options are correct
    social and cultural needs
    quality of Life
    low quality of life
  • Which one is an importance of quality of life from economic aspect?

    Helps to take wise decision
    Increase per-capita income
    Women are educated
    None of the options are correct
  • Quality of life from social and cultural aspect helps to ______.

    take wise decision
    all the options are correct
    educated women

    change the society with new ideas,technology, etc
  • Elements of quality of life is ______.

    family size
    nutritious food
    all the options are correct
  • Low quality of life is _____.

    increase in living standard in the absence of basic needs
    rich living standard of life
    all of the options are correct

    decrease in living standard in the absence of basic needs
  • Effects of low quality of life is ______.

    conflict within the family members
    all the options are correct
    lack of fulfillment of basic needs
    low income and poverty
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