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Tourism Industry

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Man does not stay permanently in one place, nor can s/he do so. He travels from place to place. He has many needs and necessities that also force him to travel. In the past, travelling was difficult. However, the man travelled in search of food and shelter. Now there are various means of comfortable travelling. So, he travels to distant places easily.

Tourist in Nepal
Tourism in Nepal


Those people who travel or visit different new places for different purposes are called tourists. They travel various place for business, pleasure, adventure, spend holidays, pilgrimage etc. There are two types of tourists. They are:

  • Domestic or internal tourist
  • International tourist
Domestic or internal tourist:

The people who travel from one place to another within their own country for various purposes are called domestic or internal tourists. For example, if the students of Kathmandu are in Pokhara for their educational tour, they are called domestic tourists.

International or foreign tourist:

Those people who travel from one country to another for a certain period of time are called international or foreign tourist. International tourists need a visa to go from one country to another country.

Reasons for traveling

  1. To enjoy during the holidays
  2. To see and learn the lifestyle of other people
  3. For pilgrimage
  4. To visit famous places
  5. To escape from severe climate
  6. To be relief and relax

Tourism in Nepal
Tourism in Nepal


Tourism is the business activity related to the services provided for tourists during their stay in a place.

Importance of Tourism in Nepal

The importance of tourism in Nepal are as follows:

  1. Source of foreign currencies
  2. Support cottage and handicraft industries
  3. Development of physical infrastructures
  4. Conservation of arts and culture
  5. Increase in trade
  6. Publicity of Nepal to the world

Though Nepal is culturally, naturally and geographically rich, there are some problems and challenges to promote the tourism industries. Some of the problems and challenges to promote and develop the tourism are as follows:

  1. Lack of infrastructural development
  2. Lack of conservation of cultural and religious sites
  3. Inadequate means of entertainment
  4. Lack of tourists’ goods
  5. Lack of proper tourism centers
  6. Lack of publicity
  7. Lack of facilities and safety for tourists:
  8. Internal conflict

  1. The measures to solve the problems of tourism in our country are as follows:
  2. The infrastructural development should be equally distributed in every tourism destinations to make the service accessible to the tourists who admire to visit there.
  3. Conservation of old and ancient cultural heritages sites should be done and they should be renovated in their own original style to attract a large number of tourists.
  4. The needed facilities, as well as security, should be provided in all the tourism destinations.
  5. Cleanliness program should be launched in those areas which have been polluted.
  6. Publicity should be increased of the tourism destinations about the beautiful places of Nepal so that there will be an increment in the number of tourists.
  7. Internal conflicts should be stopped to encourage the tourists to come here.
  8. The number of entertainment facilities should be increased and made available to all tourism destinations.
  9. Goods required for tourists should be produced in the country using local materials.
  10. Banking facilities, marketing and other tourists’ center should be increased.

  • Those people who travel or visit different places for different purposes are called tourists. 
  • The people who travel from one place to another within a country for various purposes are called domestic or internal tourists. 
  • Those people who travel from one country to another are called international or foreign tourist.
  • Tourism is the business activity related to the services provided for tourists during their stay in a place.
  • Though Nepal is cultural, naturally and geographically rich, there are some problems and challenges to promote the tourism industries.

Questions and Answers

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Tourist industry is a service -oriented industry which provides tourist related services like lodging, fooding, etc. by establishing modern restaurants, guest houses, lodges, hotels etc. In other words the profession of servicing the tourist is tourism industry.

People travel to visit new places to know about various places and the people and their culture, values, norms, etc. to have fun, to spend holidays, for adventure, etc.

People who travel within their own country for recreation, holiday, health religion, sports, business, family meeting, seminars and officials meeting are called domestic tourists.

People who move from their own country to another country are called international tourists. When a British or a German or Japanese come to Nepal, such a person is called international tourist.

The following factors have created clean environment for tourist to visit.

  • People get seasonal vacation (summer, winter, Dashain, etc.) every year. Some employees get long holidays after a tiring schedule in the office or on the war front. Then they like to travel for some time.
  • People travel to different countries with the aid of fast means of transport like airplanes, ships, electric trains and cable cars.
  • People also travel to place just for recreation and research.

The five major problems regarding the tourists industry of Nepal are:

  • Lack of transportation facility
  • Lack of Hotels, Lodge, Restaurants and Guides
  • Pollution
  • Lack of security
  • Backwardness in modernization

Unplanned tourism can bring many problems. Some of them are the following:

  • Wild animals and plants can be destroyed.
  • Rare species can be extinct.
  • Natural beauty may be destroyed due to pollution and soil erosion.
  • Large number of new buildings may destroy the appearance of towns and villages.
  • Local culture may be changed.
  • Traditional community life may be changed.

The three problems that tourists bring into are as follows:

  • Overcrowding is unpleasant.
  • The plants and wildlife are destroyed.
  • Rare species become extinct.
  • Pollution and erosion destroy the beauty.
  • Fuel, food and water are insufficient, and tourists have preference over local people.
  • Large number of new buildings destroy both towns and villages appearance.

Tourism has been one of our important parts of our body because our life or livelihood depends on it. 6% income sources are supported by it. Mountains, rivers, our diverse culture, different geographical features hotels, lodges, friendliness etc. have attracted a greater number of tourists of Nepal. Although it is getting developed, some problems are still prevailing in the sector of tourism. They are:

  • Lack transportation and communication
  • Lack of conservation of cultural and religious heritages.
  • Lack of entertainment
  • Lack of well managed tourists centers
  • Lack of tourist goods
  • Lack of publicity
  • Lack of facilities and safety for tourists
  • Lack of sanitation

Tourism is the most potential sector from which Nepal can be tagged as a developed country. A full swing beauty ranging from east to west has given magnificent ideal place to allure people of any part of the world.

  • The arrival of tourists brings foreign currencies which brings economic prosperity in the country. In the recent years it has contributed about 200 million dollar of foreign currency received from the foreign tourists
  • The tourism development brings employment opportunities to people in various ways.
  • The tourism development gives pressure to the government in developing the physical aspects of the country which further enhanced the tourism promotion
  • There will be increment in revenue collection of the government along with the promotion in trade and business, art and craft.
But our country has surpassed several problems regarding tourism which have caused obstacles in the tourism development. They can be enlisted below:
  • Lack of transportation facilities
  • Insecurity
  • Lack of good accommodation
  • Lack of efficient guides and language problems

The main objectives, for which tourist visit Nepal are as follows:

  • To celebrate holidays.
  • To climb mountains and go trekking.
  • To promote and carry on business.
  • Pilgrimage.
  • To carry on official work.
  • To take part in conferences.
  • To study Nepalese life style.

About 350000 tourist visit Nepal every year.

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Five advantages of tourism are:

  • Provides employment to the people.
  • Helps to earn foreign currency.
  • Contribution to the development of economy of the country.
  • Promotes globalization of our culture and its exchanges.
  • Helps to broaden the outlook and mental horizon of the people.

Tourism is an important industry that is flourishing fast in the world. It includes all the activities rendered to tourists, such as fooding, lodging entertaining, etc.
In the context of our country, this industry has got more scope as it is rich in natural and cultural heritages. One can see panoramic view of magnificent snow capped mountains, rivers hiss etc., here and our country can have many benefits. Its importance can be highlighted in the following ways;

  • Creation of Job
  • Earning of foreign currency
  • Development of infrastructure
  • Conservation of art and culture
  • Publicity of Nepal in the world
  • Increase in government revenue.

Tourism is considered as a very fragile industry. Even a small situation can lead this industry to the zero level. Nepal definitely possesses great potential for the development of tourism. But its development or progress is not at all the development. The main reasons behind these facts are:

  • Frequent political turmoil in the country.
  • Terrorist activities in the country.
  • All facilities concentrated in the city areas.
  • Lack of god network of transportation.

The small country Nepal lies in the southern lap of Himalayan with 147181 and has the coverage of 0.03 % of the total area of the Asia. It is rich in bio-diversity, natural resources and beautiful places and has potentialities of tourism development but it is behind economically.

  • What is negative effects of tourism?

    Rare species will be extinct.
    Art and culture of the country will conserve.
    Country earns foreign courrency.
    More people get opportunities
  • What is positive effects of tourism?

    Price of goods will increase.
    International relation may be developed.
    Rare species will be extinct.
    Smuggling and drug abuse may increase.
  • Why do people travel as tourist?

    To enjoy the holidays.

    For business purpose.

    All the options are correct

    For official and government work.

  • Which is not the possibilities of tourism in Nepal?

    Rich in bio-diversity

    Highest peak in the world

    Diverse in landscapes and topography

    None of the options are correct

  • Which one is not the problems and challenges of tourism?

    None of the options are correct

    Lack of infrastructural development

    Lack of tourists goods

    Inadequate means of entertainment

  • Which one of them is not the problem in tourism industry?

    Adequate means of entertainment
    Lack of proper tourism centers
    Lack of conservation of cultural and religious sites
    Lack of tourists goods
  • The tourists goods are imported from different countries which are ______.


    very expensive


    very cheap

  • Tourism centers should be established in order to increase number of ______.



    Nepalese people


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