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Drugs are substances that bring about changes in the functioning of cells in the human body. There are various kinds of drugs, such as opium, heroin, cocaine, hashish, bhang, etc. Some drugs act as a stimulant and some act as depressants. Due to this, functions of heart, lungs, liver, intestines, kidneys, eyes and other body organs are debilitated.
Drug abuse is a serious problem. It is both an individual and a social problem. It is usually found in teenagers. Many school students are habituated to the drug. Some sportsmen also take drugs. Drug trafficking has become a prosperous international trade. The drug is mostly taken for pleasure. Some teenagers take drugs due to peer pressure and curiosity. Some people become hopeless about their failure and start taking drugs. Some people are confronted with life due to failure and so they begin using drugs. But traffickers are the greatest culprit. In order to make money, they trap the young people.
Causes of Drug abuse:

  1. Bad company
  2. To reduce anger, anxiety
  3. Not getting love, affection from parents, community etc.
  4. Broken home
  5. Strong network of drug dealers
  6. Influence of advertisement etc.

Effects of Drugs:

  1. Social isolation
  2. Development of physical dependency
  3. Chance of infertility
  4. Nausea and vomiting
  5. Loss of appetite, loss of weight and loss of memory power
  6. Reduction in body immunity power
  7. Intoxicated and high chance of accident
  8. Effect on reproductive health and infertility
  9. Socio-economic crimes and problems

Preventive measures

  1. Develop strong will power to say no to drug and avoid including drug user in your friend circle.
  2. Drug trafficking must be strictly controlled.
  3. The good family relationship should be maintained.
  4. During leisure, one should get involve in recreational activities.
  5. Law and regulations on drugs should be enforced strictly.

  • Drugs are substances that bring about changes in the functioning of cells in the human body. 
  • There are various kinds of drugs, such as opium, heroin, cocaine, hashish, bhang, etc. 
  • Drug abuse is serious problem.
  • Drug trafficking has become a prosperous international trade. Drug is mostly taken for pleasure.

Very Short Questions

Any unnatural chemical substance used for abnormal effects in the body is termed as drugs.
The effects of drug in the nation are:

  1. Young and productive human resource are found more attracted towards drugs. So, it affects in the national economy as they remain improductive.
  2. The health of drug abusers deteriorates. Deteriorated health can't contribute to national development.

Similarly, there are various effects of drug abuse in the society, too. Some of them are mentioned below:

  1. Family prestige decreases due to the presence of drug abuser in the family. The society from a chaotic situation all the time.
  2. The earning of the family concentrates on treating members who use drugs in the family. So, the progress of the family interrupts for other members also.

Youths are mostly affected by drug addiction.

The following measures should be taken to control drug trafficking:

  1. Awareness programmes should be conducted to control drug trafficking.
  2. Farmers tending to cultivate crops like hemp, poppy should be encouraged with a subsidiary to cultivate food.
  3. Strict laws should be made and their effective implementation should be ensured.
  4. Border areas should be watched very strictly.
  5. Skilled development training should be given to the vulnerable people and employment opportunities should be provided to them.

  • Any substance which affect body and mind is called ______.

    soft drinks




  • Which of the following is not a drug?

    brown sugar
  • Doctors use drugs to ______.

    improve their performances.

    cheat patients

    pleasurable effect

    cure disease

  • Those people who take drugs habitually are called ______.

    drug addicts




  • Taking drugs as intoxicants is called ______.

    intake of cigarette

    drug abuse

    alcohol abuse

    none of the options are correct

  • Which one of them is not a effect of drug?

    Vitamin sufficiency
    Stomach ulcers
    Damage of nerves
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Teenager falls easy prey to drug traders and dqug addiction.justify with reason

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prepare a banner composing four slogan against drug abuse

prepare a banner composing four slogan against drug abuse

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