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The internet is the largest network that connects millions of computer around the world. It is also known as networks of networks. It provides data, information and other services to the client computers.

By using telephone line or normal modem, we can connect internet in personal computer. The Internet Service Provide is a company that provides the Internet facility to the users. A computer can be connected to the Internet using Integrated Service Digital Network (ISDN), cable line, leased line and satellite. Nepal Telecom (NTC), World link, etc are some ISPs of Nepal.

History of the Internet

The first idea of an internet was developed by J.C.R Licklider of MIT in 1962. During late 1962 the project was given to defense advanced research projects agency. Later this project was developed into ARPANET in 1969. This was a joint venture between DARPA and Robert. The basic idea of internet was, multiple connected computers transmitting data to each other. In mid 1980s, National Science Foundation funded ARPANET after DARPA left the project. NSF established five "Supercomputing Centers" that were available to anyone who wanted to use them for academic background.

In 1990, the original ARPANET was shut down because the commercial internet backbone has replaced it. This internet was the initial phase of themodern internet. Since then the internet has grown to become one of the world's largest network.

Services on the Internet

Some of the services provided by the Internet are as follows:

  • World Wide Web
  • Electronic Mail
  • Electronic Fax
  • Telent Service
  • File Transferring
  • Video Conference
  • Chatting

  • The internet is the largest network that connects millions of computer around the world.
  • By using telephone line or normal modem, we can connect internet in personal computer.
  • Nepal Telecom (NTC), World link, etc are some ISPs of Nepal.
  • Some of the services provided by the Internet are World Wide Web, Electronic Mail, Electronic Fax, Telent Service, File Transferring, Video Conference and Chatting.

Questions and Answers

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Internet is the largest computer network that can connect millions of computers around the world. It connects several thousands computer networks all over the world. So, it is known as networks of networks. The internet is an information superhighway and has logically connected the world into a cyber village. Some common services of the internet are:
1) World Wide Web
2) E-mail
3) Newsgroups
4) Chatting
5) Videoconference
6) E-Commerce
7) Downloading and Uploading files

Search engine is the web site that allows the users to search information based on a keyword or combinations of keywords in different subjects and topics. Some of the search engine web sites are:,, etc.

E-commerce is also one of the important services of internet through which you can sell or buy goods. In simple terms, it is doing business through the internet or online business through internet. You can use the e-commerce site are:, and etc.

Web browser is a software or program that accesses web pages and displays them on the user's computer from around the world. In another terms, it is software required for browsing and surfing web sites. It also allows user to retrieve, view and copy information using Internet. Some popular web browsers are Mozilla Firefox Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari etc.

Some Internet security measures are:

1) By installing firewalls programs on computer networks to prevent unauthorized access to network.
2) Install different antivirus and anti-spyware software.
3) By setting different security options in browsers.

Webpage is a document stored in an electronic form that contains information in specific or single topic using text, graphics, sounds, animated pictures, hyperlinks etc. The information of the webpage is displayed on the user's computer using the web browser. Website is a collection of related web servers which can be accessed by various Internet users across the world. Websites are used to provide news, educational and banking services, product information, database etc.

The process of copying of a file or data program etc. from a remote computer (web server) to the requesting computer (user computer) is called downloading. The process of copying a copy of a file or document or program from a user's computer to the remote computer (Web Server) is called uploading.

Intranet is a privately maintained computer network which is control by company or an organization. It uses all the features of the internet and is accessible only by employee or members. Extranet is also private network that uses Internet protocol connectivity. An extranet can be viewed as part of a company. Intranet that is extended to users outside the company or branch of organization through the internet.

  • Network of networks is known as:

  • What is the fullform of ISDN?

    Integrated Society of Digital Network
    Integrated Service Digital Network
    Integrated Service Digital Networking
    Intenet Service Digital Network
  • What is the fullform of ISP?

    Internet Service Protocol
    Internet Service Provider
    Inspection Society of Police
    Integrated Service Provider
  • What is the fullform of DARPA?

    Defence Against Research Portion Arts
    Defence Advance Research Projects Agency
    Defence Advance Research Police Agency
    Defence Against Research Projects Agency
  • What is the fullform of ADSL?

    Asymmetrical Digital Signature Line
    Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line
    Asymmetrical Demostrator Subscriber Line
    Ariethmetic Digital Signature Line
  • What is Ethernet?

    Cable used frequently as a backbone.
    Cable used on ARC net and IBM terminals.
    Cable made up of single upper wire.
    Cable used in coax ethernet networks.
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In an what does yahoo refer?

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