Forest plays the vital role for the environment conservation. The Ministry of Forest and Soil Conservation has launched various programmes for the conservation of forest and environment. Community Forest Programme is one of the examples of conservation programmes that help to protect the land, water and other components of the environment. Laws about forest protection and awareness generation help in the conservation programme.

Soil conservation is very important for environmental conservation. Control of landslides, flood, soil erosion helps to protect the land. Reforestation, tree plantation, protection of pasture land help to conserve the soil. Terrace farming in a slope land, use of compost fertilize and minimizing the use of chemicals also helps to protect the soil. Ministry of Forest and Soil Conservation, Ministry of Agriculture, etc. are conducting various programmes to protect the soil.

House, market area, industry, settlement area, etc. are the sources of solid wastes. Proper management of solid wastes helps to keep the surrounding healthy. Local level authorities like municipalities, VDC, etc. have been conducting various programmes for management of solid wastes. Construction of toilets in every house and management of enough public toilet also helps to keep the environment healthy.