People start taking tobacco and alcohol for various reasons which are as follows:

  1. Curiosity
  2. Bad company
  3. Misconception
  4. Lack of employment and recreational opportunities
Following are the six preventive measures of alcohol:
  1. Avoiding bad company
  2. Awareness about the hazards of these substances
  3. Legal management that ban their production, distribution, sale and consumption
  4. Spread of healthy education
  5. Provision of employment and recreational opportunities
  6. Prohibition of advertisement

Nicotine and other carcinogenic chemicals are the causative factors of high BP, heart disease, strokes, asthma, cough and cancer.

If my friends are smoking steathily, I would adopt the following measures to prevent myself and my friends from adverse effects of tobacco. (1) First of all, I will discourage him for taking such tobaccos by giving him suggestions and advices. (2) Then, I will consult with his parents or teachers about his bad company and ask them to guide and take care of him. (3) I will educate and bring awareness in community people about the adverse effects of smoking and using tobacco products. (4) I will make a group of 'Non-Smokers' for involving in different creative activities which encourages smokers to join it. (5) At last, if I can't prevent my friends from smoking and using tobacco products, I will give up such companions.