Rice, potato and wheat are the three major sources of carbohydrate.
The function of fat in our body is to provide instant energy and prevent heat loss.

Protein helps to maintain and regulate the structure and functioning of all living cells and viruses.

Our body requires vitamin in order to protect our body from diseases and maintain immunity.

Balanced diet is the composition of food containing all the necessary nutrients required for our body in appropriate amount. It can be prepared from locally available foods. They are fresh and unadulterated. We can obtain carbohydrates and fat from rice, maize, wheat, milk, meat and proteins and minerals from milk, meat, eggs and pulse. Green leafy vegetables and fruit supply enough vitamins. All these foods are locally available and economically affordable. If we use them properly, a complete diet can be obtained. But enough care is to be given while cleaning, preparing, cooking storing and serving.

Nutrition refers to the process of supply of food and absorption of nutrients by the body. Nutrients like carbohydrates, fat, proteins, minerals are very important for our body. Due to several factors, we are losing nutrients from our food. It is a great loss. The following measures should be adopted to protect nutrients of our food:

  1. Keep food clean and fresh well protected from germs and dirt
  2. Wash and clean vegetables, fruits, and other food stuff properly before consumption
  3. Cook food appropriately, avoid overcooking and store food properly
  4. Avoid the use of color, spices and other unhygienic substances
  5. Avoid over cutting

Our body needs to be maintained and enabled to run its different functions. For its maintenance and functioning, it needs various nutrients which are obtained from proper balance diet. When balanced diet is obtained, health can be maintained. The quality of our health highly depends on the quality of food we have. Lack of balanced diet results different types of malnutrition. Balanced diet helps to fight against illness and enables to us to work hard. So, it is absolutely important.