The constitution of Nepal 2019 B.S. was declared to support takeover of the Poush 1, 2017. It legally introduced the party less panchyati system. The amendments were done three times. They were
  1. Panchyati system was considered as the directive principles.
  2. Politics for development was mentioned.
  3. 'Go to village campaign' was made constitutional organ.

After the announcement of 'Muluki ain' no person shall be discriminated on the grounds of caste, sex, religion. Court also doesn't punish people on the basis of caste, sex, religion and race. But the discrimination still prevail in the society. Women are exploited in various ways. I can involve myself in the task of eradicating it completely. My plan would be as follows:

  1. No partiality in school.
  2. Equal opportunity to all without discrimination on the basis of caste and sex.
  3. Encourage people to go to court and take the help of law if there is any kind of discrimination.
I've asked to my parents and teachers, too. Their answers seem as the following:
  1. Implementation of New Education System Plan 2028 B.S.
  2. Focus on vocational education.
  3. Changes in the structure of education.
  4. Primary education was made free.
  5. Additional number of universities.
  6. Participation of private sectors in education.
  7. Consideration of education as a basic need.
  8. Implementation of Basic primary education project.
  9. Extension of non-formal education.
  10. Proportional development in education to some extent.
  11. More priority to women in education.

There is the discrimination in my society. The supressed people are thought to be untouchable. Wemen have to face the domination by their husbands. To solve these problems, I have the following suggestions.

  1. The women and depressed caste people should be aware of their rights.
  2. The teacher and the students should promote public awareness.
  3. Volunteers should visit village areas to promote awareness of their rights.
  4. Social Organization can play a role against it.
  5. The victimized people should be encouraged to go to court.
  6. Laws should be strictly implemented.

The three prominent leaders of Nepali Congress praised the declaration of referendum like this:
Mr. B.P Koirala termed it as the king's trust on democracy and a step forward towards the restoration of democracy after 2007 B.S. He appealed to the government not to take major decision, which might create problems to the new government.
Mr. K.P. Bhattarai explained that multiparty system was a symbol of independence as such all votes must make this referendum successful.
Ganesh Man Singh requested the existing government to create necessary prerequisites for the referendum that is to suspend all local and national bodies of the Panchayat system and bring fundamental changes in their procedure.

The first elected government was dissolved by king Mahendra. Due to the activities of political parties and foreign pressure, king Birendra held the referendum. The result of the referendum was made in favour of Panchayati system by hook and crook. Then after all the political powers of Nepal got united in 2046 and revolted massively on the against of Panchayati government. The main causes of revolution were:

  1. Extension of the organization of political parties' national wide.
  2. Creation of consciousness in the people.
  3. Growth of democratic power.
  4. Support of Indian democratic power to the Nepalese revolution.
  5. Anti-public activities of then rulers.
  6. Deprive of rights to people.
  7. Arrest and suppression of people by the rulers