S.N Groups of nutrients Nutrients Food source
1. Energy- giving food Carbohydrates and Fat Sweet potato, molasses, potato, Rice, ghee, cheese, butter etc.
2. Body building food Protein and minerals Soyabean, eggs, milk, milk products, meat, peas, fish, Gram etc.
3. Food that protects and regulates the body systems Vitamins and Water green leafy vegetables, banana, sea foods, onion, lemon, Apple, mango etc.


As our organs and tissues need proper nutrition to work effectively, So proper diet is very important for us. Without good nutrition, our body has the maximum chance to get diseases, infection, fatigue, and poor performance. Children with a poor diet has the risk of growth and developmental problems. They also have poor academic performance. A balanced diet has the composition of all the vital food nutrients required by the body. So, balanced diet is important for our overall physical, mental and social health.

People eat Junk food, although they are harmful for health because they are easy to prepare and good in taste. People get good taste from such foods but they do not get vitamins. Children can easily attracted by the advertisements, taste and colourful packets. The producer of Junk food attract people by adopting tactful schemes. They offer prizes, gifts and cash while buying their products. Those foods may develop constipation, ucler, malnutrition, gastritis and other disorders for a long time user.

The importance of nutritions are as follows:

a. Nutrition helps in replacing the worn out tissues and maintain growth and development by generating new tissues and cells.

b. It helps in maintaining hormonal balance in the body and helps in regulating the body systems.

c. It helps to receive energy for doing different activities.

d. Nutrition helps to develop the immunity power of the body. It prevents against harmful germs and save us from infections.

e. It develops a good presence of mind and helps in mental development.