Between the cold pine forests and the hot deserts lie the temperate parts of world, where temperatures are neither excessively high nor low, and rainfall is enough for a large variety of plants. The soil is deep and fertile, neither too full of lime nor too acid. Here it is easy to grow a great variety of crops and rear many kinds of animals. Plenty of building materials for good warm houses are found here. So, it is considered as the best habitat of human beings.

The temperate zone is one of the moderate, human friendly climatic belts found in both hemisphere of the earth. It lies between the Torrid and the Frigid Zone in both the hemisphere. It is even regarded as the most developed climatic region of the world. From east to west of the world wherever it is expanded, the human inhabitant is densely populated. The people find it human friendly in terms of health, temperature, development etc.
The grassland found in this region like Prairies in USA or Canada, Pampass in Argentina, Steppes in Eurasia or Downes in Australia is important to generate good deal of income either through wheat cultivation or meat production, sheep farming or animal rearing. The most developed countries like America, Canada, most of the European countries and China, Japan, Korea lie in the region where people are economically, very prosperous. They are involved in trade, industry, tourism, advanced way of agricultural system or any service oriented business. Most of the people here are educated, employed and socially, culturally civilized and advanced.