The certain behaviour, habits and the values which are passed on from generation to generation and become a way of life is known as culture. Art is the knowledge which is developed and created through the experience and which are able to express the feelings  in a variety of ways like drawing, painting, etc.

Huen - Tsang was the Chinese traveller who came from the China. He had mentioned about the 'Shabda Vidya' which was written by the Amshuverma in Sanskrit was mentioned in his account.

The skillful Nepalese sculpture made during Lichchhavi period are the image of Trivikram of Changunarayan temple, Harihar of Nakshal, image of Braha of Chandol, Dhumbarahi, Bijeshowri Bhagvati of Palanchok, etc.

King Mandev of Lichchhavi dynasty had extended the territory of the Nepal and far beyond the Kathmandu Valley. Nepal became a dwelling place of different castes and creeds. The caste distinction started in the society and the division of the caste based on occupation brought specialization in skills, art and culture.

Lichchhivis came to Nepal from the Vaishali (India) and began to rule over the  Nepal. The period of Lichchhavi was the very fruitful to Nepal. They made the drastic change in the history of art and architecture. They took art to the advanced level and they started to construct the big and artistic places, houses, temples, stupas, etc. They made Mangriha, Kailashkut Bhavan, the temple of  Pashupatinath, Changunarayan and the Buddhists Bihars of Ashoka. King Narendradev made a beautiful palace which was also mentioned in the Tang Description. The Chinese traveller also said that he had never seen a beautiful palace like Kailashkut Bhavan, which was built in Pagoda style which was a pure original Nepalese Art. The origin of skillful metal and wood works was also started in the Lichchhavi period. And the above description proves that the Lichchhivis were fond of art.

Yeah, it is true that most of the kings of Lichchhivi period were fond of art and education. There was a good development of language, literature, astrology, ayurveda, religion and art. Sanskrit was the main language at that time. Amshuverma had written the book named Shabda Vidya which was also mentioned by the Chinese traveller Huen - Tsang which was written in Sanskrit. Not only the art and culture the Lichchhivis were also fond of dance, drama and song based on religion.