The name of four places which are derived from Kirant word with their ancient word are:

  1. Teku from Tengkhu
  2. Tyagul from Tegval
  3. Farping from Fanpring
  4. Banepa from Bhajana

The education system in Lichchhavi period was good. Amshuverma was an educated king. He had written the book which is called 'Shabda Vidya'. The Veda, Purana, Smriti, Ramayan, Mahabharat and the ancient religious epics were the main subjects to be studied at that time.

The Lichchhavi society is based on the caste system. Brahmin, Chhetri, Vaisya and Shudra were the main castes. People used to live in a joint family. The status of women was high in the society.

The Kirant people looked to be short but strong. They had broad cheeks, flat nose, dark eyes and thin whiskers. They established many permanent villages inside  the valley and settled there. They also irrigated land and raised the cattle for agriculture, meat, milk. They used to live in joint family and their major food consists of milk, meat, green leaves, vegetables, rice , fruit and fish. They also drink wine. They enjoyed wrestling and bull fighting. They were simple in their manner and customs.

Both male and female could wear the ornaments. King Narendra Dev wore various valuable ornaments. People enjoy various Jatras and festivals for entertainment. The practice of Baraha Jatra, Kailaskut Jatra , etc are mentioned in the inscription. Dashain, Deepawali, Buddha Jayanti, etc were their major festivals. Lichchhavis also interested in wrestling and bull fighting.